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The HUMAN ORGANISM in the Light of Anthroposophy

ANTHROPOSOPHICAL knowledge of the being and constitution of man is of the very greatest importance in the present age, because we are everywhere surrounded by materialistic conceptions of Nature, and, above all, of the human organism. Unless ideas concerning the supersensible nature of man can be spread throughout the world, we shall never be able to prepare a true basis for the Art of Healing as laid down by Rudolf Steiner, which is, indeed, indispensable to the onward progress of evolution.


By Swami Panchadasi (William Walker Atkinson). An awesome book that penetrates into the reality of the human aura which is said to be the subtle, invisible emanation radiating from every individual. This books teaches how to see the aura and how to strengthen and purify it.


By Victor Simon Perara

With every breath you draw the vital force of the Universe into into your body. Breath control, or pranayama, is simply the key to the flow of this vital energy through the human body. This was one of the most carefully guarded secrets of the Adepts of ancient India who learned to prolong life while retaining youth, health, charm and virility, some living to be over 200 years old! Now these ancient secret breathing techniques are revealed in a simplified form.


Amazing pictures of internal tissues of the human body taken by Dr Ruth Drown from a distance with her Radio Vision instrument.


Radionics Pioneer Murray Denning’s path of discovery covering: Extra Sensory Perception; Diagnosing by Measurement; Basic Principles of some Early Pioneers; S.W. Tromp – ‘Psychical Physics’. A Scientific Analysis of Radiesthesia; Dr. Ruth B. Drown. ‘Theory and Technique of the Drown Radio Therapy’; Darrell Butcher – Automatic Radionics; Dinshah Ghadiali – Spectro-Chrome Therapy; Marguerite Maury – ‘How to Dowse’. Experimental & Practical Radiesthesia; The Enigma of Numbers – Developing Sensitivity; Can Yoga and Alchemy Meet? Eastern & Western Traditions of the Ancient Wisdom

12 – Radionics and Modern Science


Radiesthesia is a French term for pendulum dowsing. If you’re interested in learning to dowse, this personal account by a professional dowser will introduce you to the subject in its simplest yet comprehensive form. Contents: My Early Days in Radiesthesia; The Pendulum, Operator, Sensitivity Test, Polarity; Samples, Times, Auto-suggestion, Adjustment of the Pendulum, Left-Handed Operators; Radiations, Testing Water, Selection of Food; Agriculture, Testing Eggs; Miscellaneous Experiments; Medical; Use of Maps and Photographs; Teleradiesthesia.


A wonderful book on color and healing by a student of Rudolf Steiner. A brief introduction to color as a substance of the soul, and Goethe’s Theory of Color


Are X-Rays Outclassed by Powerful New “Odic Ray”?


(Modern Mechanix, March 1922) Are X-Rays Outclassed by Powerful New “Odic Ray”? DISCOVERY of “odic rays” of high penetration produced simply by the electric current drawn from an ordinary light…

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Cosmic Blueprint

by Trevor James Constable from The Cosmic Pulse of Life, Borderlands, 1990 A man’s mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions. – Oliver…

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The ORANUR Experiment

orgone accumulator

by Klark Kent, Orgone Researcher Reprinted from Journal of Borderland Research – Vol XLII, No 6, November-December 1986 What is the hardest thing of all ? That which seems the…

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The Orgone Energy Blanket – Part II

by Klark Kent, Orgone Researcher Reprinted from the Journal of Borderland Research – Vol XLII, No 5, September-October 1986 Wilhelm Reich stopped doing therapy. He stopped leading patients through childhood…

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The Orgone Energy Blanket – Part I

by Klark Kent, Orgone Researcher Reprinted from The Journal of Borderland Research – Vol XLII, No 4, July-August 1986 They put Wilhelm Reich in jail… So he must have been…

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Integration of the Lifeblood of the Earth

By Ellen V. Wilmont Ware From PENDULUM – A Monthly Review of Radiesthesia, Vol. 4 No. 2, November 1953 Readers of the “Pendulum” who are also readers of “Country Living…

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Eeman’s Healing BioCircuits

Eeman Relaxation Circuit - Cooperative Healing

Co-Operative Healing with Eeman Circuits THE CENTRAL THEME OF EEMAN’S WORK This term refers to therapeutic effects obtained by applying wire circuits to connect one part of a person’s body…

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Inducing The Urpflanze

Goethe's urpflanze metamorphosis of plants

by Dennis Klocek In the book, Secrets of the Soil, the  author, Christopher Bird, mentions the work of T. Galen Hieronymus, the inventor of the cosmic pipe. The cosmic pipe…

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From “Oddities – A Book of Unexplained Facts” by Lieut.-Commander Rupert T. Gould, R.N. (Ret.), 1928 UNTIL 1836 the English public had never heard of Andrew Crosse. A small circle…

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Rays & Radiation Phenomena

Oscar Brunler

RADIATION PHENOMENA OR THE WORLD OF RAYS & RADIATIONS Dr. Oscar Brunler, D. SC., 1950 Condensation of Energy, and Motion is the life of the Universe. Condensation of Energy, Radiation…

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