The same experiment is carried out with Silver nitrate. 1% Silver nitrate rises into the filter paper during day; reaches the natural limit after several hours, begins to dry and develops its characteristic coloration. The experiment comes to a stand still and is restarted in the evening. Plate 6, Figs. 11 and 12 are two experiments obtained in the month of March, 1927. The limit of the day experiment is recognizable in about the middle of the picture. The border line drawn during the night reminds us slightly of the wavy forms of Fig. 2, Plate 1; however they are different, less soft, more determined in form. The space between the line marking the end of the day experiment and the other one, marking the end of the night experiment is filled with radiating lines of manifold structure. Here again we see that a third type of pattern is formed, which differs from a simple day or simple night experiment.

Day and night interwoven, form a more complicated pattern.

Silver nitrate is a substance which offers us many possibilities of entering into an intimate study of matter, but only if we persevere ceaselessly for many years.

Silver Nitrate - day and night