Eidetic Geocentrism

While electrostatic charges and magnetic effects are each possessed of defined polari­ties, crystals are not. Crystals are electromagnetically neutral in their rest state. Quantitative analysts are at a total loss to explain the physiological response of test sub­jects to quartz or amethyst crystals. Neurology alone cannot not play a part in these responses since no neural sensors can be isolated and identified with the stimulus. Nerves do not respond to externally applied “neutral” influ­ences.

The analysts can neither explain the re­sponse or isolate the stimulus, and deny the possibility of its existence altogether. Acade­micians can neither explain the obvious physiological reactions to crystals, nor affirm the existence of the phenomenon. In academia what cannot be measured or explained “does not exist”.

Various celestial light sources produce dis­tinct effects on physiology (Reichenbach, White). These effects may be elicited when blindfolded subjects are exposed to pin-sized rays of specific light sources. Lunar light gives warm irritations. Solar light produces cool vitalizations. These effects defy academic rea­son completely when celestial lights are applied to metal plates and conducting wires.

It is possible, in a completely darkened room, to elicit these phenomenal responses. When hand-held, each celestial light source reproduces its physiological sensations though long conductive wires. In some experimental arrangements, these energies were conducted along silk threads, and again persisted in iden­tically reproducing their effects (Reichenbach).

Analysts do not begin giving neurological explanation for these latter sensitivities. Pow­erfully experienced by test subjects, these light effects through the hands or skin defy current models.

Academicians and popularity seeking writ­ers maintain that all such unexplained influences are effects of one’s “belief system”, a sugges­tive state induced by expectation alone. The sharply cutting sensation felt when passing specific quartz crystals over test subjects sur­passes our understanding, and guides our vision of us into the study of a far deeper anatomy.


The visceral sensations noted by credible re­searchers were also accompanied by visual sensations. In completely darkened rooms it is possible to visually detect the presence of mag­nets, crystals, plants, grounded metals, chemicals, and other humans (Reichenbach). Examinations of the human aura were con­ducted in sunlit chambers and utilized special chemical dyes (dicyanin) or filter glasses (Crookes glass). Auric anatomy was studied under various conditions, mapped, and used in diagnosing states of disease (Kilner).

aura magicAuric anatomy interpermeates physiology (Kilner). Auric anatomy rules physiology (Abrams, Hieronymus, Drown). Auric anatomy generates and sustains physiology (Pixley). The auric anatomy is exceedingly sensitive, and precedes neurological response (White, Abrams).

The aura interpermeates physiological mat­ter. Organismic integrity derives from the thready enlivening energies which suffuse, permeate, and surpass physiology. Examina­tion of the auric anatomy reveals a complexly threaded interaction whose fundamental sup­ply emerges directly from the ground (White).

Elemental, mineral, and crystalline masses visibly influence the aura (Reichenbach, Kilner, White). The aura responds to solar, lunar, plan­etary, and stellar influences with greatest sensitivity (Reichenbach). The aura does not evidence any predominating motion through space.

The aura is the living articulate manifesta­tion, manifesting a very definite respiration. The auric diastole is a discharge process which expands articulate threads outward and upward into space. The auric articulation is the most expansive, projective, and space permeating thing known. Its upward space-permeating ex­pansion is a natural process which permits it to systematically traverse deep space. It excels as the organismic sensor.

Elaborate and sublime, these auric radi­ances and their phenomena excited Victorian researchers with the gradual awareness that they had indeed re-discovered some fraction of the “living” presence.

There is a vaporous auric layer (Reichenbach). Auric vapors rise languidly to­ward space in specific directions. Auric vapors were called “ectoplasm” by early Victorian researchers. Ectoplasmic vapors were extraor­dinarily sensitive and responsive to external influences. Ectoplasm was observed for sus­tained time periods in special black rooms and never exhibited drift in any specified compass direction (Reichenbach). Ectoplasm gradually rises to room ceilings and permeates through.

Ectoplasm is not influenced in any way by wind; wind passes through ectoplasm and leaves it unruffled. Quantitative analysis of such be­havior leads to false conclusions concerning ectoplasmic zero-density and super-tensile strength.

Auric discharges reach outward into space (Kilner, Pixley). The auric structure is pat­terned, detailed, and organized (Kilner). Fine auric patterning is discovered when auric struc­ture interacts with sensitive bioelectric sensors, revealing patterned order (Bradford).

The tools of radionics enable calibrated aura examinations (Drown).

Sensitivity among researchers differs and evidences pre-dispositions toward examining specific portions of the total auric anatomy. The difficulty and confusion of terms among aurographers is eliminated by the employment of instrumental consortium. Rate atlases of different examiners differed only because of the components and configurations utilized. Radionically entuned aura studies permit greater experiential magnifications.


Kircher geocentrismThrough radionic examination certain deep au­ric thread cores were discovered and studied in great detail. The deepest identifiable auric struc­ture is called Vril, the glowing black radiant auric core.

Rocks evidence certain radiant emissions which probe through their surrounding space in a semi-intelligent manner. The auric structure of trees is more anatomically defined than those of rocks. Each naturally rooted organiza­tion partakes more of the whole Vril process operating deep in the earth. Mobile organisms evidence the most elaborate and detailed auric anatomies, with human auric anatomy exceed­ing all others.

Radionic aura examination focus into specific layers of auric anatomy.

Vril is the glowing, thready, presence which permeates all of Nature in a complexly oiga- nized structure. Vril is the noumenous space within the luminous manifestation. Vril is the directive generative process from which con­sciousness emerges. Vril organization is evidenced in the ground, in organisms, and in space.

Vril is the deepest auric anatomical layer of our being. Vril interconnects us with every­thing we experience. The Vril perceptive process envelopes both percipient and perceived in a connective embrace, through which perception is conducted and made complete.

Sensitive ground examination reveals a spaceward procession of black radiant threads: Vril waves. These have been observed by many credible individuals and appear in rare photographs (Devereaux, Corliss). These observations occur in extreme conditions. Their magnified presence appears during lightning storms, and is termed “black lightning”, although no electricity has been associated with their appearance.