Eidetic Geocentrism

Conducted auric emanations behave in man­ners distinctly different from infrared and ultraviolet emissions, although affecting such energies as by-products in their discharge across inertial space. Researchers noted that applied stimuli effected instantaneous modifications of the energetic body (the aura) before physi­ologic effects were registered. Auric radiance responds to heat, light, and energetic applica­tions directly.

The effect of each specific influence pro­duces observable distortions in the auric anatomy with instantaneous experiential re­sponse, while resulting physiological changes lag by tenths of a second. Auric experience precedes physiological response. The body of physiology is a resistive coating over the aura. Full-scale research on the auric anatomy during the Victorian Era realized the fundamental axioms of world-experience which have yet to be theoretically correlated and adequately com­prehended. Certain hard vacuum tubes are excited by special electrical impulses and mani­fest aura-like discharges in their interiors. Researchers recognized that certain energetic states were highly responsive to space-permeating auric structure, and could help visualize the presence of auric articulations.

Such tubes evidence high degrees of inter­nal organization and articulation once electrified. Certain tubes exhibit anomalous internal structures when grounded directly (Crookes, Tesla, Dollard). Vacuum tubes of this variety are permeated and activated by ground-projected auric threads (Crookes, Tesla). These hard vacuum electrical discharge tubes manifest succinct sensitivity to distal organismic influences. These designs served as auric indicators and organismic detectors (Tesla). Spherical forms of these tubes were used with optical concave cathodes to examine space-permeations (Crookes). These electri­cally activated auric receivers were sensitive enough to visually evidence the slightest move­ment of the earth through space (Crookes, Tesla, Lenard). Earth motions would produce steady directional streaming or bending. No such phenomena were ever detected through these extraordinarily sensitive devices.

The aura evidences a characteristically thready, highly responsive, cohesive, and ar­ticulately integrated organization. Researchers have observed the auric trailings which pro­ceed from moving organisms. It is established that physiological movements effect pro­nounced auric trailings (Hunt). Auric trailings are left behind moving organisms, and lag in directions opposed to those of the motion.

If the earth is rotating and revolving, then there is continuous acceleration at the surface for 12 hours, and deceleration for 12 hours each day. In such a motive environment one would expect to detect subtle ectoplasmic drifts. No spontaneous, persistent, or direction-dominant auric trailing is ever evident among organismic hosts in the ground-referenced environment. Sensitive auric trailings would be expected on a space-moving earth.


The aura is constantly processing from the ground. Its patterns appear ex nihilo and ex­pand outward into space in naturally rhythmical pulsations. Despite our aura-based sensitivi­ties, we are not informed of any constant earth movements.

Very slight auric disturbance produces no­table discomfort. Certain kinds of disturbances produced exaggerated responses which last for long time periods. Physical displacements, electro-magnetic influences, manufactured par­ticles, and radiations effectively depress auric metabolism through time (White, Kilner). Sub­jects exposed to electric and magnetic influences experience discomfort. Exposed subjects mani­fest exaggerated auric proportions which last for hours (Kilner).

Distortions of the fundamental auric anatomy evoke sensations which range in symp­toms from mild discomfort to severe nausea. All externally applied influences first effect changes in the auric anatomy, physiological responses follow. Auric disturbances produce resulting measurable physiological responses which evidence considerable filtering and en­ergetic diminution (Reich). Auric experience is always more powerful than the measured physiological response.

Moving the physiology effects defined dis­tortions in the auric anatomy.

The experiential results of all distortive influences produce instantaneous illness with subsequent retarded neural responses. Aura precedes neurological response, and is the per­ceiving, sensing being.

Perception alters during motion consider­ably as the result of auric distortion. Specific unidirectional motion manifests several famil­iar phenomena which find their explanation in auric behavior. These distortions do not appear when moving at the ordinary walking pace. The leisurely walking pace is a natural rhythmic motion in the auric ground-connective envi­ronment.

Organismic movements throughout the en­vironment effect specific auric disturbances. Disequilibrium is a survivalistic sensitivity which informs organisms of extremely slight perturbations in local auric states. One senses disequilibration whenever organismic ground- reference is disturbed. Any disturbance in ground-connection produces distorting stress and disturbs the auric anatomy directly. The peculiar disembodied sensation experienced during plane travel is typical of responses to sustained weakened ground-connectivity.

Movements in the auric ground connective environment are always sensed as generalized conditions. Specific local disturbances effect strains, distortions, or weakness in the auric connectivity among organisms. These activi­ties alter consciousness, perception, and health. Times preceding earthquakes render certain individuals in highly weakened states. Heavy construction, blasting, and extensive mining operations produce greatly disturbed auric in­tegrity in a district. Resulting organismic disarticulation destroys or disperses all natural life.

The aura evidences metabolic respiration in natural periodic intervals.

Movements which interrupt these periodic intervals − or which place strain during diastolic or systolic cycles of the aura − produce sickness. The aura has primary absorptive and response- projective characteristics; each process of which occurs as the absorption and transformation of highly articulated patternings.

The ground supplied patterns must not be disturbed while they are being absorbed. Pat­tern absorption especially occurs during sleep, when the organism is a complete rest with respect to the ground. Absorbed patterns pro­duce physiological responses, REM eye patterns. Sudden awakenings during critical portions of sleep evidence the disturbed pat­terning in a striking physiological malaise which lasts for hours after.

Stresses on auric ground connections pro­duce generalized anxiety, malaise, and motion-sickness. Spinning rapidly in tight circles brings illness. These playful activities do produce prolonged states which may last for hours. Faster movements distort and damage more of the auric anatomy. This becomes pro­nounced when executing swift and sudden turns. Auric anatomy self-repairs and heals in time depending upon the motional disturbance and the time spent engaged in the motion.

Temporary symptoms manifest when the thready auric complex is disturbed.

Severe motional disturbance, exposure to permeating inertial energies, exposure to spe­cific materials and material configurations disturb auric patterns and produce malaise or sickness. The illnesses have no physiological cause and cannot be diagnosed. Medical diag­nosis fails to correctly identify the causative agencies in such states of malaise. Prolonged illness manifest when disturbances damage received auric patterning. Long-term motion sickness is induced when auric anatomy is sheared, damaged, or destroyed. Severely dam­aged patterning produces permanent conditions of illness.