Reich foresaw the complete destruction of life upon mother earth looming on the horizon, unless DOR energy could be reverted again into OR or Life Energy.

OROP DESERT Ea (1954-55)

“Life holds only a narrow wedge as its own domain in the infinite vastness of cosmic energy.”

The desert around Tucson Arizona was chosen for Operation OROP, one of the hottest and oldest deserts (25,000 years) of the U.S. There was no primary vegetation growing; there had been no rain for five years. By October, 1954, the base was operating.

It was not the primary objective of the expedition to “make rain over rainless desert”. Reich had no ambition to impress anyone with rain making. Rather he wanted to find the borderline where their artificial efforts at a new atmospheric technology could end “and be replaced by the self-regulatory, self-sustaining laws that governed the behavior of cloud formation, rain cycles, cosmic energy metabolism in the atmosphere, etc, as they do in the living organism.”

He had observed that the living organism apparently metabolizes freshly taken in OR energy into DOR, which is expelled in the form of CO2, urine, feces and sweat. In the healthy organism the energy equilibrium between the charge and the discharge was easily maintained, however, during sickness more OR seemed to change into DOR. Thus, Reich concluded, a prevalence of DOR would be a basic feature of all disease.

Subjectively Reich and his co-workers experienced the DOR atmosphere in the desert as oppressive and irritating, with the blinding heat seeming to draw the juice and life energies out of their bodies.

“Thus, having seen and felt the desert, Expedition OROP proceeded to begin cloudbuster operations, in order to find out whether such a climate could be changed.”

“With cloudbusting operations, much DOR was removed and fresh Orgone Energy was brought in from the Southwest (along the Galactic Orgone Stream). The immediate result was a freshening of the atmosphere and environment: gone was the parching dryness and gone was the blinding whiteness of the sky. Rainmaking was not the goal; in fact, noticeable results occurred prior to any rain falling on the dry, sandy desert floor. By November, the barren desert north of Tucson began to turn green with a fine growth of new grass! In December, the greening of the desert had spread to cover an area 40 to 80 miles from Tucson with new grass up to one foot high! This happened without any rain falling, due solely to the fresh atmospheric Life Energy and attendant moisture from the Pacific Ocean, 250-400 miles to the Southwest.”(1)

The arrival of denatured Radium (ORUR), from the Oranur experiment at Rangeley dramatically increased the effectiveness of the cloudbusting operations. “While the clearing of the atmosphere had previously been done by drawing off the DOR clouds into a lake, now, within a few seconds, using ORUR material, the sky cleared and became blue…The change in the atmosphere was immediately felt by all observers. Even dirty steel-gray, DOR-affected rain clouds seemed to fill up and become white in a brilliant, formerly dull, stale atmosphere.”

However, Ea were also observing the operations. Whenever the familiar pulsating craft were seen in the sky, the rain clouds disappeared and severe DOR infested the atmosphere, making conditions extremely unpleasant for the crew. If the Spacegun was not used, the atmosphere became unbearable. One operator at a Spacegun was paralyzed by DOR while drawing from an Ea. Reich wrote: “There was no escape from the fact that we were at war with a power unknown to man on earth.”

But the ORUR was found to be extremely effective in combatting the Ea menace. “One could now reach far into space with ORUR: the range was limitless theoretically, since the OR energy ocean is endless and most sensitive to stimuli as demonstrated by the processes of dawn, dusk, and our actual operations over vast stretches of space.”

Another DOR-creating problem was atomic testing within the desert region. Reich was later to consider the possibility of immunizing the atmosphere against atomic explosions, much as living systems are immunized against infection. By creating a highly ‘orurized’ atmosphere, he reasoned, the DOR energy from atomic blasts or from Ea could be siphoned off. It was noticed that during the ORUR operations, there were ‘coincidentally’ many publicly announced postponements of atomic tests.

It became apparent to Reich that although there was moisture in the atmosphere, the lack of actual rainfall around Tucson was due to a DOR barrier somewhere west of the experimental site in Arizona, preventing the clouds and moisture flowing in from the Pacific. The barrier was found to exist on the Sierra mountain divide, where a concentration of DOR was breaking up and dissolving the rain clouds coming in from the west.

By March 1955, continuous DOR removal operations were set up just to the west of the divide. Within two weeks the barrier was breaking up with a black precipitate form of DOR (“Melanor”) falling to the ground and turning the white sand dark. By the end of March rain began to occur in the desert. The breaking of the DOR barrier had accomplished the full breakthrough of fresh OR energy into the desert basin.

The expedition was successful. The atmosphere had undergone a radical change, breaking a five year drought and turning completely barren desert land into green pasture again after thousands of years.

It proved conclusively to Reich that desert development was clearly and doubtlessly reversible, that through a new kind of orgone technology, humanity could convert life-destroying energy back into life-sustaining energy.

Winding up his affairs, Reich left the desert in April 1955. It was to be his last major operation. Within two years he was to die in prison, destroyed by a system that could not tolerate the free expression of live-giving energy. But the Enigma remains…


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