The Work of Dr. Ruth Drown: An Outline on a Thumbnail

by Trevor James Constable

The key to understanding the work and instruments of Dr. Ruth Drown lies in a firm grasp of the two fundamental energy manifestations connected with the human body. These are, first, the electrostatic energy of the physical-mineral tissues, and second, the vital energy which passes into and through those tissues enabling them to hold their form. Electrostatic energy remains with the physical body after death. It is the departure of vital energy from the physical body that constitutes death.

A century ago, doctors engaged with greater freedom in discussion writing concerning life force and/or vital energy than they do today. The rise of the materialistic era to its ultimate development resulted in the study of the physical body of man being deemed all-sufficient.

The most elementary manner in which we bring the effect of vital energy to the experience of the reader is by drawing the following simple comparison. Place a human corpse in a grave; such a corpse has no other innate property than inertia. When, however, we seek to bury a man alive, i.e., a corpse with its vital energy still passing th rough it, then we encounter the definite application of force, through the energetic resistance to burial that the living man will set up.

Using pinacyanole bromide screens or goggles and a method developed by the writer, it may be seen by anyone that there is a definite emanation from any substance viewed by this method. Any physical object, made of any substance will be seen to be surrounded by a pale, fine, luminous radiance that is distinctly fluidic in appearance and behaviour. The method of bringing such things under observation cannot be fully explained within these space limitations; yet it must be stressed that the means of observing this strange, ghostly emanation is physical and repeatable and requires not the slightest metaphysical knowledge.

Just as there is a difference between the corpse and the living human, so is there a difference observable by these means between living things and mineral substances. Everything living has an etheric double, a duplicate of itself extending approximately 1/32 of an inch from the physical structure, and being pale grey in appearance. The “double” is not normally perceived by the unaided eye. Nor are bacteria. Bacteria have been brought into scientific ken by the microscope’s ability to remove man’s optical limitations. Pinacyanole bromide, like the microscope, also removes an optical limitation.


No credence whatever can be given to any statement from any scientists, physician or physicist who says he does not believe there is an etheric double. Such beliefs are simply out of date, and cannot in the scientific order of things be accorded equal standing with what may be observed, repeatably and at will, through the proper method.

In the past it has been argued endlessly as to whether or not living substances, or physical-mineral substances give off an emanation. Since the fact that they do is vital to a grasp of Drown therapy and how it works, the point has been dwelt upon in detail. Everything has an emanation, and the etheric double is a scientific fact.

The origin of the emanations is the next point to deal with, since this too impinges directly upon an understanding of the Drown instruments. There can be no doubt that these emanations derive from the molecular activity going on continuously in everything having physical form. The molecule is the unit of mass form. The different arrangements of molecules produce different substances. The molecular arrangement that produces steel is different to that producing lead, and the molecular arrangement producing lung tissue is different to that producing liver tissue.

Any physicist will tell you that the molecules are whirling particles of electricity. These whirlings never cease. It is this activity of these particles that produces the radiance we can see all around all substances in the manner described above. Except in terms of the amount of radiance observed, the eye does not perceive any essential difference between emanations. Yet, since they are in each case the result of a specific type of activity individual to each substance, these emanations must be characteristic in some way of their source.

It is these very emanations that are drawn into the Drown Instrument when any substance is being examined. In diagnosis and in “setting a rate” it is therefore the electrostatic energy that is involved. This operation of setting a rate concerns itself with expressing the emanations drawn into the instrument as a number.


The Drown Instrument is analogous to any other instrument used for the reception and detection of a broadcast. It must have an antenna. In fact, the whole Drown Instrument is nothing but a tunable antenna, so simple in layout that electronics experts have been deceived into thinking that it is nothing but a straight wire, electrically speaking.

The Drown Instrument consists of nine dials, each of which is made up of ten small brass studs. Each dial therefore has ten positions that may be selected by the operator, just like any other radio dial.

Just as when you turn your TV set from channel to channel you alter the electrical characteristics of the set to fit the station you wish to receive so are the dials of the Drown instrument moved for tuning. Whereas in TV we deal with the known electromagnetic spectrum, with the Drown Instrument we are dealing with the very subtle, fluidic emanations from the molecules described earlier.

Since these “molecular broadcasts” are of a totally different order to the recognized and accepted spectrum, we must expect that the means by which these broadcasts are tuned and handled will be different. Through the years, more than one blundering fool with too much formal education in electronics and too little grasp of the laws of life, has said that it is impossible for Dr. Drown’s instruments to do anything she claims. Only recently, the writer, who has held a professional radio operator’s license for fifteen years, was discussing these instruments with an electronic expert. The expert delivered himself of his weighty opinions. Then he was shown the emanations from a pencil, his checkbook and his own hands. Asked about these radiations and how to tune them the man simply folded up like an undertaker’s chair. It is very easy in this world to be down on things before you are up on them.