Researchers say galaxy may swarm with ‘nomad planets’

galaxy swarms with rogue planets

Our galaxy may be awash in homeless planets, wandering through space instead of orbiting a star. n fact, there may be 100,000 more “nomad planets” in the Milky Way than…

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Eidetic Geocentrism

eidetic geocentrism

by Gerry Vassilatos CELESTA MOBILIS Quantitative inertial science has built for itself a grand theory which supposedly explains all the observed celestial movements. Modern astronomy satisfies itself by explaining that…

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Giant Veil of “Cold Plasma” Discovered High Above Earth

ESA's Cluster II spacecraft in orbit.

Clouds of charged “cold plasma” particles reach from the top of Earth’s atmosphere to at least a quarter the distance to the moon, according to new data from a cluster…

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The Mayan Calendar & 2012: Why Should We Care?

The Mayan Calendar & 2012 John Major Jenkins, 2008 In my own process of studying the Maya and their traditions, I moved progressively into deeper water with time. Twenty-two years…

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The Twelve Groups of Animals

Eugen Kolisko, M.D. “The primary division of the animal kingdom is into phyla. Each phylum is sharply characterised by the possession of a plan of structure in the adult which…

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Earth Curvature Anomalies

by Ray Palmer reprinted from FLYING SAUCERS, June, 1960 Shown here is a photo of the earth taken from an Atlas ICBM at an altitude of 100 miles, purporting to…

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Proof that we Live Inside of the Globe

Geocosmos Koresh's Cellular Cosmogony

Proof that we Live Inside of the Globe Koreshans’ Startling Claim That Their Theory Is Demonstrated by Experiments and Surveys — Scientific Revolution to Follow. from Chicago Sunday Times-Herald, July…

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Were the Oceans Once in the Skies?

Canopy Theory of Planetary Development

Galahad College Extension Fellowship SIXTH LESSON LECTURE THE beautiful Script to which you have just listened, fits with particular appropriateness into this entrancing subject which we continue to study this…

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