This website marks the initiation of a new phase of borderland sciences research. The philosophy of the content of the borderland stream has gone through definite and requisite metamorphosis over the years. Such is inevitable with a living information stream.

The term “borderland” is used in several ways, but has one main definition in this context. Meade Layne used borderland to designate the area of contact with the unseen spiritual forces. In Goethe’s theory of color, the prismatic colors form on the border between white and black when viewed through a prism, indicating that the formation of color is a borderland phenomenon. Borderland has also been used to designate “fringe science” types of ideas. Fringe science is oriented toward ideas that are generally incapable of being understood by the mainstream—usually because the world view of the inventor or discoverer is unique—and generally works with unseen and unknown energies and activities. This is in accord with the main contextual definition l use. The border we speak of is the border which separates the seen from the unseen, the ponderable from the imponderable, the physical from the spiritual, the known from the unknown.

We have borders above to the cosmos and borders below going into the earth. These have been probed for millennia with the imagination, but have only been probed in the physical over the last few decades through great efforts of technology. Our rockets into space have begun to cross the physical barriers to our environment on the surface of this planet. Drilling probes into the deep earth have been done in various places on this globe, but going down deep into dense matter is a bit harder than going up. Of course the caverns of the world offer deep world entrances, and the lore of caves leaves us with many mysteries of the unknown.


So in borderland research these borders can be crossed, and what is beyond them perceived, in many ways, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Psychic research is one direction. Developing clairvoyance does not mean that one can “see” thing which are not visible to others, but they are able to see that which is before their very eyes without the conceptual blockages inherent in our current status quo consciousness. It is a higher state of awareness where sight comes through not only the eyes but through the whole being, through the activities of the developed imagination.

For an example let us consider plant life. In most cases there is the seed, the young stages of the leaves, the flowering and fruiting. At which stage can you say “this is the plant, this is the whole of the plant?” The plant is a temporal phenomenon and the physical plant we see on any given day shows the growth state and condition of the temporal being behind it at that point in time. To understand the whole of the plant one must study its entire life cycle and its interactions with its universal environment When one can see the metamorphosis of form being driven by the flow of cosmic events then one can begin to approach the basic understandings of the etheric world, for the etheric world is a temporal one. So our clairvoyance in this field is not one of seeing something that is not visible to all, but in seeing what is truly there to anyone with the insight. This type of sight comes through thorough observation of, and contemplation on, natural phenomena with the use of the imagination and intuition. Directly related to this higher sense of seeing is the visual ray experiments such as are given in MAN OR MATTER and COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE.

For many years borderland researchers used mediumship to obtain answers from the beyond. Meade Layne relied heavily on the information gained from the “Inner Circle”, a group of disembodied entities channeled through Mark Probert. In the 1940’s & 50’s the borderland stream invovled the use of mediums. Meade Layne and others would go to the Inner Circle to ask questions and bounce ideas around. They were probing and questioning. Riley Crabb built on much of this material to pursue research into the occult connections of the flying saucer mysteries.

Today people go to channels to relieve themselves of responsibility for their future. They allow their spiritual growth to be determined by disembodied souls, entities whose general story seems to be, ‘1 am here to help you, let me take over your mind and speak through your lips.” Some helpl This is not realty a pathway to higher states of consciousness, though it is a pathway across the borderlands.