Free Energy

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THE death knell has struck. Wave Radio is dead. How have 70 years of Military Research succeeded in producing a completely new and superior communications technology? Radio History gives a stranger walk than paranoid writers ever tell! While citizens were watching television, military research was directed to create an amazing radiation technology far in advance of any system known. Currently and routinely utilized, it has remained a well guarded “open secret” for decades. The proof patents and relevant research papers have just been retrieved.


Rediscover the legendary names of a suppressed scientific revolution – remarkable lives, astounding discoveries, and incredible inventions which would have produced a world of wonder: Baron von Reichenbach’s Od Force; Antonio Meucci, Father of the Telephone; Nathan Stubblefield’s Earth Batteries; Nikola Tesla’s Broadcast Power; Royal Rife’s cancer curing Ray Beams; Philo Farnsworth’s FUSOR project and much more.


Cosmic Blueprint

by Trevor James Constable from The Cosmic Pulse of Life, Borderlands, 1990 A man’s mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions. – Oliver…

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The ORANUR Experiment

orgone accumulator

by Klark Kent, Orgone Researcher Reprinted from Journal of Borderland Research – Vol XLII, No 6, November-December 1986 What is the hardest thing of all ? That which seems the…

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The Theory of Anti-Relativity

Eric Dollard Tesla Plasma

by E.P. Dollard Back to Space, or Why One Over The Speed of Light Squared: In order to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the dimensional relations of the magnetic…

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Free Energy Now

Free Energy Lindemann Tesla Schauberger Cold Fusion

The World Of Free Energy by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc. In the late 1880’s, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting free electricity and free energy in the near future.…

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Tesla Cosmic Ray Motor May Transmit Power ‘Round Earth’

Nikola Tesla free energy superman

Tesla, on Eve of 76th Birthday, Says He Has Succeeded in Harnessing ‘Penetrating Rays’ to Operate Small Motive Device by John J. A. O’Neill, Science Editor Brooklyn Eagle — July…

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Radiant Energy

For Beyond the Light Rays Lies the Secret of the Universe The Evolution and Transmutation of the Atom Compiled for the Layman from Excerpts of the Writings of DR. T.…

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A Short Treatise on Alpha, Beta, Gamma Ray Therapy

Thomas Henry Moray

By DR. T. HENRY MORAY, 1946 Science acknowledges that bombardment of matter by swift moving alpha particles has proven a powerful method of studying artificial transformation of the nucleii of…

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The Rogers Underground Aerial for Amateurs

Since the publication of the original article on the Rogers Underground Wireless System, published in March, 1919, the Editors have been besieged by hundreds and thousands of letters from radio…

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Light & Electricity

Goethe's etheric spectrum

Some Observations on the Relationships Between Light & Electricity Thomas Joseph Brown Friends, avoid the darkened chamber, Where one pinches off the light, Which must bow in lamentation While distortions…

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Thermodynamics & Free Energy

Peter A. Lindemann The mainstream scientific community dismisses the idea of “Free Energy” or “Over-Unity” machines because they say that the behavior of such machines violates the “Second Law of…

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