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Plate IV Nitrate of Silver / Sulphate of Iron, night, 23.00 hours.

Workings of the Stars in Earthly Substances

An introduction to the metal-planet relationship experiments of Lili Kolisko, a significant scientific associate of Rudolf Steiner. Kolisko’s work describes a qualitative relationship between the visible planets and the noble metals, as time honoured alchemical tradition indicates.


Lilly Kolisko was one of the great unsung scientists of the 20th century who via decades of crystallisation experiments in sync with geocentrically-observed cosmic motions described a qualitative relationship between the 7 luminaries of old (Sun, Moon, visible planets) and the 7 noble metals (Gold, Silver, copper, tin, etc) as was held as canon in alchemy and ancient mystery schools (i.e. Gold=Sun, Silver=Moon, Copper=Venus, etc).

The Hermetic Axiom “As Above, So Below” has a far more profound interpretation than modern orthodox consciousness allows with its petty materialistic limits. Lilly Kolisko was definitely on the right path to awakening our supersensible consciousness; a definite remedy for the subsensible, sub-material quantum world entrapment of orthodox science.

“True Science will lead us to the acknowledgment of spiritual facts. The unison of Science, Art and Religion must come in the near future. Scientists must arise who are at the same time endowed in their souls with the qualities of an artist and a priest. Science must again become a holy Art, if an unholy natural science is not to lead mankind to destruction.”

Those Astounding Ice Ages by Dolph Earl Hooker


From whence came the great sheets of ice that covered much of the earth during the ice ages? The ice was deposited rapidly, freezing mammoths in mid-chew on their tropical plant dinners. This astounding book describes the “canopy theory” of planetary development, that is, a spherical shell of mineral and water rotated at a distance from earth’s surface. Periodically minerals would fall, creating the stratification found in sedimentary rock and ice would fall, creating the geologically short-lived ice ages which disappeared as the ice melted.

Darrell Butcher - Automatic Radionics Upright + Delawarr Cards


Radionics Pioneer Murray Denning’s path of discovery covering: Extra Sensory Perception; Diagnosing by Measurement; Basic Principles of some Early Pioneers; S.W. Tromp – ‘Psychical Physics’. A Scientific Analysis of Radiesthesia; Dr. Ruth B. Drown. ‘Theory and Technique of the Drown Radio Therapy’; Darrell Butcher – Automatic Radionics; Dinshah Ghadiali – Spectro-Chrome Therapy; Marguerite Maury – ‘How to Dowse’. Experimental & Practical Radiesthesia; The Enigma of Numbers – Developing Sensitivity; Can Yoga and Alchemy Meet? Eastern & Western Traditions of the Ancient Wisdom

12 – Radionics and Modern Science

Geocentrism as a logical conclusion to ether drift experiments, Tychonian vs Copernican, Special Relativity refuted


A Tychonian/Geocentric scientific world view based on reconsideration of the purpose and results of the history of Ether Drift Experiments, how lack of parallax indicates Earth is the center of the universe. Whether or not you accept the overall premis, this is a well-argued thesis providing insight into why Relativity came about and why it is wrong from which you will learn much.


Radiesthesia is a French term for pendulum dowsing. If you’re interested in learning to dowse, this personal account by a professional dowser will introduce you to the subject in its simplest yet comprehensive form. Contents: My Early Days in Radiesthesia; The Pendulum, Operator, Sensitivity Test, Polarity; Samples, Times, Auto-suggestion, Adjustment of the Pendulum, Left-Handed Operators; Radiations, Testing Water, Selection of Food; Agriculture, Testing Eggs; Miscellaneous Experiments; Medical; Use of Maps and Photographs; Teleradiesthesia.


The original Rosicrucians held to a theory generally discarded by men of science and now known as the microcosmic theory. Paracelsus was the most prominent exponent of this concept of universal order and relationship. He said, “As there are stars in the heavens, so there are stars within man, for there is nothing in the universe which has not its equivalent in the microcosm.” (the human body). In another place Paracelsus says, “Man derives his spirit from the constellations (fixed stars), his soul from the planets, and his body from the elements.”

Secrets of Cold War Technology - G. Vassilatos


THE death knell has struck. Wave Radio is dead. How have 70 years of Military Research succeeded in producing a completely new and superior communications technology? Radio History gives a stranger walk than paranoid writers ever tell! While citizens were watching television, military research was directed to create an amazing radiation technology far in advance of any system known. Currently and routinely utilized, it has remained a well guarded “open secret” for decades. The proof patents and relevant research papers have just been retrieved.

Human Aura


By Swami Panchadasi (William Walker Atkinson). An awesome book that penetrates into the reality of the human aura which is said to be the subtle, invisible emanation radiating from every individual. This books teaches how to see the aura and how to strengthen and purify it.

Elementary Chemistry - Eugen Kolisko


by Eugen Kolisko, M.D. An introduction to the basic concepts of the chemical processes in nature, based on the educational ideas of Rudolf Steiner. While it is from the curriculum of childhood education, the clear insights will provide an elementary grounding in the subject to anyone.

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