by Athon Veggi

Architecture archetype sacred occult scienceArchitecture is endless because “to do” Architecture is to leap into the unknown, Architecture is continuous creation within the continuity-discontinuity which is known as Universal Infinities,

To be an architect is to become one with the Universal Creative Mind, one with the flux of energy that surrounds and is within the earth. In all religions and occult sciences, one of the attributes of the creative being is “the great architect”, (we find this in Catholicism, Hinduism, the Egyptian religion etc,) Here then is the definition of Architectures

ARCH—ARCHIC—ARCHAE = ruler, first in time or rank, hence “chief, principal” and “primitive, ancient, and beginning, primary”. The Greek origin­als are: ARKHES or ARKHOS, ruler. (mon-archa = Mon-archia = ruler,} Greek ARKHE: a beginning – the first in time tend to be the “first in rank or importance” – it also tends to be “primi­tive”.

from ARKHAIOS (ancient or primitive) form ARCHEOLOGY: ARCHETYPE/ARKHI – Latin ARCHI = archiepiscopal and ARCHITECT,

TEKHNE (Greek): working with the hands,_a craft, manual skill,

an arte ART – Greek TEKTON, Sanscrit TAKSAN, a carpenter, builder; Latin TEXERE, tessere, hence to constructo Tegere = to cover, TELA = a web.

TOPOS (Greek): place

That which now has come to be called “architecture” is not Architecture but rather “junkatecture”. To say that Architecture is sacred or is profane is senseless because of the inherent definition of the term. From the instant that Architecture and the Cosmos are of the same essence (regardless of what name you wish to give this essence, divine, god, energy etc.) Architecture becomes knowledge (awareness) and the manifestation of the cosmic laws of proportion and harmony.

The term Architecture in its current use is simply an incorrect use of the term due to the extreme ignorance of contemporary culture.

Cosmos… Earth is within the cosmos and is part of the cosmos. The cosmos is an archetype.

The archetype is creation. Symbols come out of the archetype.

imageIf upon the earth we construct in rapport, if we construct in co­operation with the archetype, creation will be continuous* Because the earth is a living being, a highly intelligent, sentient being – and we are part of it, we belong to this organism.

The earth has a body like ours, with energy centres (chakras), veins, lymph system etc, and other subtle bodies invisible to the gross senses. We should thus be aware that each construction or any type of manipulation of the planet’s surface is an intrusion and a violation of the integrity of a “living being” in the highest sense of the word. Only with Architecture, therefore, is it possible to operate upon her body in a harmonic way, and without offending the laws that all of us are subject to, whether we are aware of this fact or not.

The Archetype, therefore, is the principle connected with the different levels of manifestation and existence, and that has in every level, a form inherent in it. Therefore it is to this form (seed of power, manifestation, essence) that we appeal in order to manifest and re-create within our own dense (gross) level, a more subtle real­ity – by the resonance of the form with said dimension.

The geometric, archetypal form is connected with the chakras and the physical and subtle bodies as well as with the All (the essence of the spiritual dimension)0Through this connection, transformations are stimulated from points of low-frequency energy to points of high- frequency energy.

Knowing how to put things together, or build, means knowing how to connect with the archetype. Mathematics, numbers, music, sounds and light are all ways of detecting the multi-faceted reality. Clearly science has not yet discovered reality, so we have to go to the source through nature, the archetype and intuition. In this manner we go to the point where the reality of Science is based. All discoveries are accomplished by tapping, with the intuition, into the realm of nature£ Science has not yet discovered itself because we must understand nature first in order to know what we must “copy”.

Energy Form Transformation

The archetypes are related to the All — his emanations are in every system. There are infinite archetypes. Each culture tries to incorporate those archetypes most closely related to its particular range of experience. The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, the Pythagorean table, the periodic table of the elements, are all codified arche­types that correspond to the limited, equivalent understandings of the culture that manifests them. Each energy system assumes a deter­mined form as a function of its existence, e.g. atom, molecule, DNA, galaxy etc.

Thus, the FORM is related to the electromagnetic field (vibration) The FORM in turn, produces the same energy as that out of which it was generated

FORM is condensed energy.

Each archetype is energy.

Energy is characterized by wavelength.

Wavelengths have their own form and shape.

To do Architecture is to generate Energy, to create a system, to make Instruments that by virtue of their inter and inner connectedness, are able to connect and recreate any type of effect and to connect with the cause. As above, so below.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything transforms. These basic Hermetic principles are at the base of all Creative systems and at the base of what is known as Science. But when will , science find again Science?

The pure geometric forms, being archetypal “abstractions” (since perfect geometric forms are non-existent in nature) can receive and retransmit (manifest) sounds, colours (forms), radia­tions and realities beyond the frequency range that our five senses are capable of capturing; even if we cannot perceive them physically, they act upon our physical structure. By “physical” I mean even the bodies that are considered subtle, which is matter existing at a different velocity.

With Architecture we can create environments in tone with (or in frequency with, or that vibrate in frequency with) specific archetypes. Taking the appropriate materials, colours and forms we cam introduce our consensus physical reality into dimensions that normally lie outside the threshold of our normal senses.

All that we fabricate and construct should be done following the archetypes,, The archetypes introduce us automatically into the dimension of the eternal present, Nirvana, into that which is the end of all esoteric science and of all religions.

Architecture is a complex science0Architecture means connect­ion with the forms that shape the cosmos and is, in a way, a cosmogenic adventure.

Architecture is a complex science. The most complicated thing is simplicity. Simplicity is the sum total of everything and this sum becomes the Unity of Knowledge.

The science of this period does not possess the totality of knowledge and thus it lacks the appropriate measurement of the Unity of Knowledge. When science becomes Science (intuitive science, the science of the Magi, occult science) the unity of measurement will be found0I give here a method for arriving at the unity of knowledge – a method in part empiric based on the observation and study of nature. Complexity is nothing other than simplicity in a higher octave. It is a different level of consci­ousness and existence.

Guidelines for exercising the art of Architecture:

1. Because the earth is part of the cosmos. Architecture interconnects the earth, solar systems and cosmos by means of:

a) Appropriate units of measurement,

b) Proportions (the Golden Proportion, mathematical and geometric relations).

2. Knowledge of the earth means knowing where and how to locate cities, buildings, green belts etc. For this task we have tools such as:

a) The grid of the earth.

b) Recognition of special sites by geographic means – Neters, gods of the sites, etc.

c) Directions

3. Making the appropriate form by means of:

a) Archetypes

b) The relation between sound, form, light, colour.

It is essential to study and consider the geography and morphology of the site. This study includes the plants, animals and minerals of the area because the cosmic order manifests on earth in forms of the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms. In this way it is possible to determine which energy is dominant in the chosen area and thus be able to act appropriately.

I will give later a special section dealing with:

4. Structures: The study of plants, animals, minerals and archetypes in the light of the relationship between sound, light and forms.

5. The properties of the construction materials.

The study of nature and of natural forms is essential and science, to come into its power, must follow the guidelines of nature. *

The purpose of all construction is the movement of the entire oper­ation and it should be defined in complete detail with:

a) The current situation.

b) How to correct or amplify the situation in question.

c) The goal: That which one wishes to attain.

The example of Rome. The clearest example of the correct application of the principle of Architecture is Rome. Rome has a sacred and initiatic secret name and is founded upon a site of extreme power, (see the power grid map of the earth) where the force-field lines intersect in a powerful con­figuration. There is a river on the surface and a river below the surface (some say there exist 7 subterranean rivers.) The area in question is enclosed by 7 hills (note “The Magic of Obelisks” by Peter Tompkins). This is a cosmic symbology manifest on earth. As in Egypt, the topography suggests the very form of the constructs and the materials used, and the meaning.

Now, the dynamic of the mandalic manifestation unfolds in time. The nickname of the city being “the eternal” subtly implies the cross- weaving of the time/space co-ordinates.

Rome was founded by Etruscan priests, who possessed the know­ledge of the primordial principles in the form of a square. During the time of the Empire, square Rome was encircled by a round wall and a series of obelisks and columns raised at specific points and connected by a system of roadways. All this is nothing but a large yantra, an enormous circuit of energy,

Rome has always been the seat of great power, Rome is an act of magic par excellence. Passing through her streets and observing the seasons and directions means introducing oneself into a relationship with the power and correspondence between terrestrial and cosmic energy manifested there.

It is said din passing that in the private room of the Pope, where none other than the Pope himself is admitted (in continuation of the secret tradition of the Pontifex Maximus of the Romans) there exists a magical mandalic diagram. Is this the key to the power of the city and, for some time now, the power over the spirit­ual consciousness of a large part of the world? We remember that the last three popes, separating themselves from the tradition of power, or rather reforming that tradition, distanced themselves from the power (I refer to the POWER per se, without judging the use to which that same power is used,)

Rome, the eternal, founded by Etruscan priests, reveals to us her message. It is time. Relativity, It is the eternal present, (Space-time coordinates = connections with multiple realities.)

Both the form and the site itself generate the type of energy that we want produced, in quantity and quality. The form and the quality are mutually related. The spiral is the form that we have in the galaxy and that we find generated on earth from gravitational forces and in the movement of growth in nature. The energy gener­ated is always a dynamic energy, tending towards the absolute. The cupola being a semi-sphere, has this quality.

The obelisks function with the principle of involving the power points of the earth. Obelisks “direct” energy from one point to another. In Rome we observe this counterpoint of obelisks and cupolas, of spheres and points. One cannot say that these movements belong to the past because they are currently present in our reality.

Architecture is present. There is no past and future (I would say past, present or future) in the simple fact of existing. This is why even the definition of present, past and future is senseless, because the pyramid and the cupola ARE the Architecture in which we live N0W.