Metal Power – Soul Life of the Planets

Alison Davidson, 1991
For AT-TAum the Mercurial Spirit


Silver — Metal of the Moon ^ Silver images to our delight in the photographic process, as the Moon reflects the solar light into our souls.

Gold — Metal of the Sun ^ Gold, the royal representative of the Sun, will not crystallize during a solar eclipse!

Quicksilver — Mercury’s Liquid Metal ^ Quicksilver, the universal dissolving agent for other metals, is representative of Mercury, the planetary messenger of the gods.

Copper — The Substance of Venus ^ Copper, a beautiful substance which can remarkably advance agriculture, is ruled by Venus, goddess of beauty and life.

The Iron Rod of Mars ^ Iron, the great metal of Mars which has entrapped an unsuspecting humanity with its terrific power.

Tin — Jupiter’s Thunderbolt ^ Tin, Jupiter’s thunderbolt, forms lightning-shaped veins in the earth. This metal emits a puzzling scream when bent!

Lead — Saturn’s Heavy Metal ^ Lead, externally cold as its ruler Saturn, has a surprising inner warmth that reveals a profound energy. Although highly toxic it can protect us from more terrible poisons.

Radioactive metals have moved into the forefront, permeating our lives,
coinciding with the discovery of the enigmatic outer planets:

Uranus & the Radioactive Metals > In Uranus we discover the amazing electrical energies which have so transformed our culture.

Neptune’s Primordial Ocean >  In Neptune we probe the boundless etheric ocean from which all life emerges.

Pluto and Beyond > In Pluto we find the underworld rising to confront us, as radioactivity infiltrates to the very core of our being.

Qaballistic Tree of Life

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