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R. Murray Denning - My Search For Radionic Truths

R. Murray Denning - Radionic Pioneer & Practitioner

Second son of an Irish doctor and Scottish mother, R. Murray Denning grew up during the first World War. At the age of 21 he contracted an ‘incurable’ spinal complaint, which dominated his life for 25 years, until at the age of 45 he met, and was cured by a remarkable “Healer” working in a London Spiritualistic Center.

This experience led him to devote the rest of his life to helping people with a wide range of health problems, working first as a ‘straight’ Healer himself, and later as a Radionic Practitioner, in which cause he qualified as a physiotherapist.

During his life he spent much time researching into the whole spectrum of Healing with particular reference to the study of the works of eminent Radionic scholars and pioneers of the past, and this book presents some of the ‘lost’ knowledge he has uncovered, as well as projecting the subject into modern scientific thinking.