The very survival of Radionics over three-quarters of a century is encouraging in itself. It could well have faded out for lack of support had there not existed within itself an element of truth. The search for this truth has gone on through the generations with a constant changing of techniques. Radionics adapting to each new element of understanding as time went by.

New ideas were brought out by new pioneers — all credit to them, but no less important has been the loyalty of the grass-root Practitioners in the field. Many of them have devoted years of their lives working quietly in their homes to relieve such pain and suffering as they were able. They were led and inspired by an organising leadership which carried the movement forward regardless of stress or opposition, and which was constantly on the alert for any revitalising impulses — equally to them — all credit.

Today Radionics is facing a new challenge — that of assimilating itself into a galloping technical and scientific age. It must adapt and quickly if it is to be recognised as a natural segment in the general healing spectrum of the next quarter century and beyond.

It can do it — the will is there, so are the young people who will be its catalysts. They must be encouraged and helped, since it is by their efforts that recognition will come.

However, I am convinced that only when we have moved into sound physical research procedures, as outlined by such people as Professor S.W. Tromp, will science and medicine open their ears and listen to us. We can hope for more than that. We can expect welcome discussion and collaboration in research, so that TOGETHER we will be able to bring a whole new dimension into our work.