Extra Sensory Perception: A Natural Function

My investigations of seances, described in the preceding chapter, made me realise that there were forms of consciousness that were, phv’.H .illy speaking, abnormal and unusual phenomena. Having experi-rui < il |hem I wanted to know if they were truly abnormal, or if they could be realised on a more rational and down-to-earth basis. Much publicity has been given in books, on the radio and television, but usually surrounded by an aura of mystery and scepticism. I asked my-.11 ( .in ESP be a normal faculty of life? Several experiences of mine pi .mini in such being in the realm of fact, not fiction.

Imii example, a lady in her early forties was sent to me because she li.nl i niosl unusual and unpleasant complaint, about which doctors had lii-en unable to help her. At certain times she would ‘give off’ a highly unpleasant odour. It was not a recognisable smell, and its pungency was mi t.lrong that people had to leave the room where she was sitting. It was mil ii icfiilar occurrence, and she never knew when it might happen. When -.lie told me the story I was pretty sure from my seance experi-. in i-s that lliis distressing complaint was a psychic phenomena. On her net ond visil I asked her if she could give me any clue or time when it iiii|.|11 In triggered off, or when it began.

I lei reply was illuminating and profoundly interesting.

“()li yes,” she said, “I can tell you exactly when it began. I was on hi iIhIiis’ il I hi’ seaside and had just come out of a cafe and was walking i.. Hi. Im’iii Ii some .100 yards away. Just as I reached it I heard a thud behind inc I turned to see what it was, and saw that an old lady whom I hml seen in the cafe had fallen, and what I can only describe as a iiliii k thing’ left her and came and landed on my back. Ever since then I have liiul (his trouble.”

AI lei hearing this story I was sure that I was on the right track, .mil began treating her radionically with some slight success. But I was iinl happy that I had found the best treatment, so as I am not clairvoy-nil myself, I called in an experienced Seer, and asked her if she would . nine and meel my patient. She came, and when we were settled down I explained, “This lady has a persistent problem from which she cannot get relief.”

I hat was all the information I gave my friend. Without hesitation In replied, “This lady has a black entity on her back which is causing llu- trouble,” and she went on to describe in detail what she ‘saw’.

My patient agreed that her description was absolutely correct. Between us we were able to treat her effectively and she had no more

I rouble.

Another experience that impressed me was when I was living in a bed-sitting room in Kensington. My room was on the ground floor of a large house run by two Swiss ladies who lived and ran their dressmaking business in the basement. One afternoon I returned to my room and, to my horror, found it filled with smoke. Instinctively I rushed to the window and threw il open, llien down a flight of stairs to warn the ladies that there was a fire in the house.

Naturally we all ran back to my room to check how bad the fire might be, but when we got (here the smoke had vanished! Mystified, the ladies went downstairs again and I went out.

Two days later my landladies received a letter from Switzerland telling them thai their brother had died, and it turned out that his death had occurred at Ihe exact time that I saw the smoke. They told me that on the last occasion on which he had visited his sisters he had slept in my room!

One further example was when I was walking to a meeting one evening and I suddenly found myself’walking beside myself’. I had not experienced ‘getting out of my body’ before, but knew that this was not unique. At the time I was so scared that 1 jumped back into my body pretty smartly!

My final conversion to the existence of a psychic world came in the writings of Dr. S. Karagulla, MD, in her book Breakthrough to Creativity, and in particular in some short stories in the chapter, ‘True Stories of Fantastic People’. These convinced me that psychic experiences could be accepted as a part of ordinary living. I quote a few examples from her book:

“On one occasion Kay invited me for the evening to the home of a physician who was interested in Higher Sense Perception. There was a young scientist present who was making a reputation for himself in the scientific world. He already had a number of developments and discoveries to his credit. Both the scientist and the physician were interested in force fields, both those that could be detected by present instrumentation and possible fields that had not yet been detected. During the course of the evening I learned that the scientist was engaged in research dealing with space platforms. He finally told me frankly, but off the record, that he had received some of his very best ideas from an individual with Higher Sense Perception. He had no hesitation about consulting individuals with HSP ability. He had found that some of the ideas given him by these people were found to be of great value when I est i’d in the laboratory. Such information had saved him much time lh.it might have been spent in trial and error methods of investigation.

“The ideas given him enabled him to find a correct line of investi-iMlion and proceed with it at once. He attributed some of his excellent process in his research and discoveries and his rapid promotion to in-Iiiiiii.iInin given him by those with HSP.”

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