Whilst reading this book I had to weigh and consider its implications on Radionics in general. Many books have been written on the subject but they mainly seem to have followed an official line, and there are many aspects that have been ignored, but which need an airing to provide a more comprehensive picture.

For example, to my knowledge, few students are aware of Mme. Maury. I am a keen advocate of her dowsing and teaching techniques. Nor do they know anything about Darrell Butcher, whose Pegotty instrument is widely used. Indeed this is the first time I have, myself, seen anything in writing about his work.

I consider it is very important that this and as much other forgotten material that is available be made known, so that students may properly examine the evolution of the subject and decide in which direction the future lies.

The first part of the book describing the author’s ‘Path to Radionics’ is fascinating, and is something one rarely sees written down. What a familiar picture it is to many of us who, ourselves, have been pushed into Radionics by an unseen hand.

I am delighted to see in the last chapter that detailed research is being undertaken, and undoubtedly the new material will cause great interest and comment.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, particularly as it has a balance which gives considerable detail, but without becoming too technical. The book provides a missing link in Radionic knowledge and should cause quite a stir and enable many people to enlarge their thinking on the subject as a whole.

Mike Hallas
Former Member of the Radionic Association Council

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