Basic Principles of some Early Pioneers

“Strangely, the expounders of some of the great new ideas of history were frequently considered on the lunatic fringe for some or all of their lives.

“If one stands up and is counted from time to time, one may be knocked down. But remember this; a man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for ever.”                                              (Author unknown)

The works of the pioneers, particularly for those who have not had an opportunity to study them deeply are of absorbing interest. Their approaches to the development of healing techniques varied from individual to individual, but in the ultimate all were striving to a single end – that of alleviating the disabilities of mankind. In this chapter I have I have tried to give some brief and possibly unknown factors about the notable theorists who worked out their ideas, often at an inspirational level.

What can one do in a few paragraphs to show the value of men and women who have spent their whole lives experimenting and propounding new theories of healing? It is an impossible task and I can only point to the direction in which this revealing information can be found.

Let us begin with Abrams.

Dr. Albert Abrams AM. LLP. MP. FRMS

Professor of Pathology and Director of the Medical Clinic, San Francisco

New Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment

Physico-Clinical Medicine

The Practical application of the Electronic Theory in the interpretation and treatment of Disease

Albert Abrams, the son of a successful San Francisco merchant, was born in 1863. The inheritor at an early age of a vast fortune from his father, he decided to devote his talents and his life to medical research. By no means content with his American education and medical qualifications, and having mastered the German language, he enrolled himself as a student of Heidelberg University, from which in due course he graduated with the degree of MD (First Class Honours) and the Gold Medal, of his University.

Returning to his native California, Abrams was appointed Professor of Pathology at Cooper Medical College, a branch of Stanford University.


His work as a diagnostician has been the primary factor for most authors, but it is essential that two other aspects of his work be given expression. Firstly, he expounds in great detail matters concerning vibrations emitting from the body, both from the physical and ‘inner’ points of view. And although his work does not stress the occult teachings, his knowledge in this field must have been extensive. The very brief extracts I have chosen from his book illustrate this other side of his researches. In his preface he writes:

“The author’s new physico-diagnostic and therapeutic methods are not theories but physico-clinical facts and therefore endow this book with decisive meaning. The laws of physical science are universal and apply equally to living organisms and so-called inanimate things. This iatro-physical conception demonstrates the trend of unifying the various forms of force under one great principle. Practical Medicine embodies all sciences and a clinical diagnosis must invoke physical, biological and chemical methods. The Electronic Theory demonstrates the electrical nature of matter and radioactivity is a universal property of the latter. In disease, the re-arrange-ment of the electrons is associated with the evolution of energy endowed with a definite polarity, wavemeter index and vibratory rate. Insomuch as electrons are in motion, there is a continual radiation of energy and the instability of the atom, as expressed by the polarity of my reactions, shows the constant loss of positive or negative, positive and negative or neutral electrons.” I follow this by extracts from his chapter on Energy and Vibrations. “ENERGY – The present age marvels at man’s conquests of the forces of nature. Yet, this age of energy can only be triumphant when man can know and then direct and control the more important forces within himself.”

“HUMAN ENERGY — Investigations of all ages have espoused the theory of human radiations.”

“To some, the organism is compared to a Voltaic battery which emits something akin to electricity.”

“The hagiologist conciliates the reality of radiations by referring to the auras in ancient pictures around the heads and bodies of Christ and the saints.”

“The phenomena of light in materialization has been witnessed and accepted by notable scientists as spiritualistic phenomena. Of superstition, it has been said, that it In line psychology with the wrong dress.”

“The writer is convinced that the phenomena are realities independent of disembodies spirits and can be referred to the manifestations of human energy. Dis-occulting the occult will be possible when one attains a better understanding of the activities of living cells and when the biologist shall know the laws that govern cell-growth with the accuracy of the scientist knowing his laws.”

“Every individual, it is maintained, is enveloped in a radiance (Aura) invisible to the carnal eye and only perceived by the soul accustomed to it. Perception of the aura is the supposed prerogative of clairvoyance but Kilner has shown that anyone can observe the ‘atmosphere’ surrounding the human body by aid of chemical screens, notably, one containing a solution of dicyanin, which, by partially paralyzing the retinal rods and cones causes visibility of the aura in a darkened room.”

“Kilner does not explain the auric force. The aura is probably energy-discharge. In a letter from Dr. Kilner, the latter observes; ‘Your opinion that the aura is only energy emanating from the body corresponds entirely with mine, only I have expressed it in a different manner. I have tried to see it on the dead body but have always failed to do so.”


Dr. Ruth B. Drown DC

Theory and Technique of the Drown HVR and Radio- Vision Instruments


“The purpose of this book is to help the doctor with the use of the instrument, correlation of his diagnosis and treatment. In order that he may have a broader understanding and knowledge upon which to base his findings, the true foundation of life is touched upon.

“Very ancient writings deal almost wholly with the rates of vibration of all things pertaining to the mental and physical world of mankind. It is impossible to diagnose and treat the physical body without relating it to the mental. After two years of using our radio instruments, we found in the deeper study of ancient wisdom amazing and satisfying corroboration of our own development of rates of vibration. These will be discussed later with reference both to our instruments and to that ancient knowledge.” Items which are described in a later chapter include:

1. An explanation of the HVR Diagnosis and Therapy.

2. Making a ‘Blue-Print’ of the body.

3. Endocrinology in Modern Practice, correlated with the Drown System of Diagnosis and Treatment.

4. Procedure for Running a Blood Count, Making a Urinalysis, Checking Temperature, Blood Pressure, Impinged Nerves and Diet.