By properly adjusting the inherent circuit parameters, Tesla learned how to produce an extremely rapid series of unidirectional impulses on demand. When the impulses were short, abrupt, and precise in their successions, Tesla found that the shocking effect could permeate very large volumes of space with apparently no loss of intensity. He also found that the shocking effect penetrated sizable metal shields and most insulators with ease. Developing a means for controlling the number of impulses per second, as well as the intermittent time intervals between each successive impulse, he began discovering a new realm of effects. Each impulse duration gave its own peculiar effects. Able to feel the stinging shocks, though shielded at a distance of nearly fifty feet from his apparatus, Tesla recognized at once that a new potential for electrical power transmission had been revealed to him. Tesla was first to understand that electrical shock waves represented a new means for transforming the world.

Even as his Polyphase had done, Tesla fully intended to disclose his discoveries to the world at large. Radiant electricity had special characteristics of which the scientific world had no knowledge. If released with sufficient power, radiant electrical broadcasts could kill. His initial experiments were sufficiently potent enough to cause severe and painful stings. Here was a lethal system requiring control and development. What was intended to be a great benefit to humanity could be misconstrued as the greatest detriment. Working with a simple but powerful embodiment of his original apparatus, Tesla found that radiant electricity could induce powerful electrical effects at a distance. These effects were not alternations, not alternating waves. They were longitudinal waves, composed of successive shocking waves. The advance of each shocking wave, followed by short neutral zones together comprised the radiant field. Vectorial components of these shockwave successions were always unidirectional. The stuttering Shockwaves were capable of forcing charges in the direction of their propagation.

Objects placed near this device became powerfully electrified, retaining a singular charge sign for many minutes after the magnetic discharger had been deactivated. Tesla found it possible to amplify these single charge effects by a simple asymmetrical alignment of the magnetic discharger. By placing the magnetic discharger closer to one or the other side of the charging dynamo, either force positive or force negative vectors could be selected and projected. Thus, charge could be projected into or drawn from any object in the field space. Introducing objects into the radiant space gave spectacular effects, becoming surrounded by crowns of white sparks. Objects charged by this apparatus evidenced a powerful and permeating charge action like no other seen before. This was a new electrical force. Tesla realized more than ever that he was in unknown territory. The fact that these radiant forces travelled as light-like rays distinguished them from the electromagnetic waves of Maxwell. The waves were weak, but these rays were strong. Uncommonly strong directional effects could obtained by shaping the wire lines which radiated the shocking waves. The condition which best radiated evenly in all directions required that each line be semi-circular, the entire apparatus being circularly disposed. How far did this field extend, and what was the effect of distance on the intensity of the radiant field? Tesla found it impossible to measure a diminution in radiant force at several hundred yards. In comparison, he recalled that Hertz found it relatively easy to measure notable inverse square diminutions within the confines of his laboratory in Bonn. Tesla suspected that these effects were coherent, not subject to inverse laws other than those due to rav divergence. If he wished to broadcast power to a neighborhood, it would be critical that all radiant energy be focussed in receivable directions.

Also, Tesla wished to determine the effect of gradually decreased impulse durations required greatest skill and precaution. Tesla knew that he would be exposing himself to mortal danger. Controlling the rapidity of current blowout in the magnetic DC arc, Tesla released a new spectrum of light-like energies throughout his large gallery space. These energetic species were like no other which the world has since seen. Tesla found that impulse duration alone defined the effect of each succinct spectrum. These effects were completely distinctive, endowed with strange additional qualities never purely experienced in Nature. Moreover, Tesla observed distinct color changes in the discharge space when each impulse range had been reached or crossed. Never before seen discharge colorations did not remain a mystery for long. Trains of impulses, each exceeding 0.1 millisecond duration, produced pain and mechanical pressures. In this radiant field, objects visibly vibrated and even moved as the force field drove them along. Thin wires, exposed to sudden bursts of the radiant field, exploded into vapor. Pain and physical movements ceased when impulses of 100 microseconds or less were produced. These latter features suggested weapon systems of frightful potentials.

With impulses of 1.0 microsecond duration, strong physiological heat was sensed. Further decreases in impulse brought spontaneous illuminations capable of filling rooms and vacuum globes with white light. At these impulse frequencies, Tesla was able to stimulate the appearance of effects which are normally admixed among the electromagnetic energies inherent in sunlight. Shorter impulses produced cool room penetrating breezes, with an accompanying uplift in mood and awareness. There were no limits in this progression toward impulses of diminished duration. None of these impulse energies could be duplicated through the use of high frequency harmonic alternations, those which Sir Oliver Lodge popularized, and which later was embodied in Marconi Wave Radio. Few could reproduce these effects because so few understood the absolute necessity of observing those parameters set by Tesla. These facts have been elucidated by Eric Dollard, who also successfully obtained the strange and distinct effects claimed by Tesla.


By 1890, after a period of intense experimentation and design development, Tesla summarized the components necessary for the practical deployment of a radiant electrical power distribution system. Tesla had already discovered the wonderful fact that impulse durations of 100 microseconds or less could not be sensed and would do no physiological harm. He planned to use these in his power broadcast. Furthermore, shocking waves of 100 microsecond duration passed through all matter, a fitting form of electrical energy to broadcast throughout the stone, steel, and glass of a power-needy city. Tesla would not expect distortions with specially adjusted energy fields, vectors which permeated matter without interactive effects.