Nikola Tesla and Radiant Energy


Deep in the heart of many conspiratist topics sits a desperate desire to rediscover the lost magic of Nature. It was with this lost magic, this qualitatively accessed communion with Nature, that late Victorian researchers were all too familiar. Their numerous accounts cannot often be rationalized against the wall of academic regulation which prides itself in explaining all natural phenomena through simple mechanisms, the reductions of natural phenomena to meaningless force-chains. But even the journals of that day reveal a scientific world absolutely awash in discoveries and anomalous phenomena, portraying energies and dynamics which defy mechanistic explanation. The lost magic of vital energy! Developments which came with our present century represent empirical discoveries which yet have no theoretical precedent. In the very midst of that marvelous Epoch stand several personages who must forever remain as legends of Qualitative Science. One of these is Nikola Tesla. But why is Tesla the shadow which yet so haunts and provokes military researchers? Furthermore, why can it be said that the name of Nikola Tesla represents the “absolute rule” by which to comprehend each of the successive military projects, seemingly separate and unconnected experimental ventures observed throughout the Twentieth Century?

Why are the various achievements of Tesla so often quoted in military hardware articles, proposals which seem to attract the greatest interest only after mentioning both his name and some aspect of his work? Since they most certainly have not been able to duplicate Teslian Technology, why then do we continually find that military project committees are forever yet attempting to approximate Teslian Technology? Every professional Tesla aficionado secretly knows that Tesla electrical energies were more like luminous beams of gaseous light than radiowaves or electrified particles. What they do not know is how he produced the energies. This simple but profound process represents a most fundamental natural principle which could never have been predicted. Having been the result of accidental empirical discover)’, so few suspect it can exist. The blinding influence of mathematically precise models serves only to block awareness that other realities can or do exist. However basic and simple, Tesla Technology contains the secret of a power revolution which each knows would have changed the world. In his lifetime, the once famous Tesla became the target of dubious financial intrigues, failed death attempts, and outrageous deprivations and deprecations. The fear which surrounded this rare genius seemed to heighten with his every announcement, a thing which greatly amused him throughout the years of his self-exile. It is the persistence of this fear which so provokes military agencies the world over to make attempts in this essential research.

The central effort of each Cold Wai project tells the tale of seemingly separate themes. But once again, only a complete familiarity with each stage of technical achievement in this progressive advancement can enable an informed comprehension of such themes. From a singular vantage point alone do we see each of these separate themes merge, intertwine, and become coherent. Themes germane to comprehending Cold War Technology were each the result of private attempts at reproducing the achievements of a single individual, one whose work has now positively haunted the scientific and military world in excess of a century. Why indeed is it also very obvious that, with the exception of one very simple discover)’, neither military nor private developers have yet successfully duplicated any part of true Teslian Technology? In order to best appreciate the sheer frustration of radio and military engineers, whose consistent failure to reproduce the effects reported by Nikola Tesla troubles their fundamental theoretical base, we must study something of Tesla and his own work.

The technical themes relevant to understanding of all advanced technologies necessarily begins with Tesla. Because of a long-standing network of misinformation and the resultant skewed academic perceptions, Teslian Impulse Technology has never been openly legitimized or endorsed as a viable threat to either military or industrial agencies. This gloss is of course a complete fabrication. The most diligent examination of Tesla lectures and other lost Tesla publications, coupled with access to corroborative experimental work which vindicates most of Tesla’s own findings, has made the following chapter possible. In these few pages, you will therefore receive a summary review of the essential Teslian principles. These are absolutely necessary before we proceed with our central theme. My simple request is that you patiently read through this section, keeping in mind that all of the information will be completely applicable to each subsequent chapter.

It is only through the window of Teslian Impulse Technology that we can comprehend the progression of projects industrial and military throughout the entire Century. Learning each lesson carefully will best help appreciate the scope of this present theme in all of its deep implications. Here you will find factual information otherwise difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. One learns quickly that “things Teslian” are much more than they appear to be. Tesla was a classical lover of conundrums and enigmas, and knew how to use them to encrypt his meanings. When Tesla spoke, everyone listened intently. But few persons understood his meaning. To know Teslian Technology, one must be willing to suspend conventional knowledge, listening only to the descriptions and cunning understatements by which Tesla craftily concealed his priority discoveries. Confusion over a surprising few distinctions has proved to be the only stumbling block keeping professional engineering communities from achieving the Teslian agenda.

It is for many young aspiring scholars an astounding revelation to find that the degree of revolutionary thought engaged before the Century’s turn went further than modern technology now dares to dream. The more established academes consistently rejected Teslian hypotheses as a matter of habit. Tesla was nothing less than a Jules Verne character, who stepped out of a visionary world and worked wonders in the world. What Tesla achieved could not have been made possible without his extraordinary sensitivity and keen awareness of his own perceptions. In the absence of physical evidence, Tesla all too often worked his way toward natural truth. In this manner he discovered what theoreticians would never seek.