Auroral Energy Research and Project HAARP


The summary of military radio projects, a succession which spans a century, has been a lengthy yet necessary recapitulation. Reaching satisfactory prooftexts for our central thesis, which truly does not end with the IRI, can be achieved in no other manner. Having read through the history of Radio Science and Technology now, we have unwittingly passed through developmental successions which voracious military projects have pursued with an unmistakable tenacity. Each major military project, since the horror of the Nuclear Age was fully recognized, is a stepwise walk through a defined series. It is this series, one so accurate, so methodic, so completely obvious in its character, which has revealed the greatest principle for ascertaining without fail the reality behind so-called covert military projects.

Military projects which have been outlined in this lay text offer but the major and superficial steps in an otherwise long military line. If you really read through the lines, you saw the defined and unmistakable pattern; one which was very evident throughout the previous chapters. Consider them and see that pattern. What have the military been attempting to duplicate? In every single Post War step by which the military has aggressively pursued revolutionary technology we see the unmistakable traces of one who is now a haunting spectre. This one, whose work is so compelling, represents the highest frontier to which military aspires. In truth, they have not attained it. The altogether excessive expenditures which waste oligarchic capital, so freely poured out on military, has proven unsuccessful in duplicating the so greatly desired mystery Technology. It is intriguing that this figure, whose work was initially derided and then eliminated from all serious consideration, found such favor all so quickly among those who helped eradicate him. The unexpected emergence of the nuclear horror suddenly found an all too fickle favor. The ways of the elite who pick and choose their pleasures.

Count the steps and see. Radio communication, Global communication, RADAR beams, RADAR EMP, Nuclear Energy, Deep VLF, ELF Technology, Radiation Weaponry, Radiation Communications…each is a very obvious and frail attempt at duplicating each item of Tesla Radiant Energy Technology. The demand to find antidotes for the nuclear nightmare, the Bomb which so completely horrified oligarchs who finally understood its horrid longterm effects, provoked a superior directive toward the military, It was their task to find those “antidotes for the nuclear poison”. Military of course, has not historically been the most creative group of personnel in the bureaucracy. We recounted the historical record which shows why their leadership was compelled to hire working class experimenters, inventors, and other scholars just at the onset, and after World War I. Despite the excessive training of their cadet corps under Marconi, the entire company, save one or two, remained essentially uninspired and thoroughly unable to create anything of worth. Examination of the patents proves that military instances of radio innovation were always plagiaristic versions of components which Marconi plagiarized!

The initial unwilling poise with which privateer-experimenters were received by elitist military leadership prior to World War I changed its tune with the Second World War; a war between warring Geopolitical Houses which proved at every turn that scientific advantage could turn the battle tide. But the nuclear weapon, so ambitiously developed as a “bigger bomb”, turned into a Gorgon so horrifying that even the thought of it turned the human heart to stone. Working class society feared it. Mercantile aristocrats feared it. Bureaucrats feared it. Oligarchs feared it. The Bomb demanded an antidote for which military had no creative response. They had not invented the Bomb. Military leadership could not rest the stiff upperstick elitism which blocked their creative passions from flowing forth in innovative new solutions. When their shallow assessments were given vent, they succeeded only in developing a “bigger bomb”; thermonuclear weapons whose world devastating potentials were unlimited.

So much for the ineffectual leadership which merely manages and imports minds and creativity. In the pressure of having to produce original antidotes for the nuclear horror, military took up the Tesla Biography, and outlined a simple and thematic course for success. The steps seemed simple enough to follow. The radiowave systems which Marconi developed, and passed onto the world at large, produced a legacy of disappointments. Inherently inferior, in comparison to the Radiant Energy systems of Tesla, futile wave radio concepts influenced academic thought, experimental research, and engineering designs along a tightly constrained military horizon. Incapable of recognizing or even postulating the existence of another energy continuum, not one major research group managed to break away from the tightly fixated orbits of Wave Radio. So permeative are these wave radio conceptions that they have leaked their influence into those studies which treat of quanta and photons, a thoroughly contaminated and fixating mindset. So complete is this fixation, that contemporary academes ridicule and reject every claim for another energy continuum. Besides the electromagnetic spectrum theoretically outlined by Maxwell, investigated by Hertz, and commercialized by Marconi, for the academic world there exist no other possible energetic expressions in Nature.

It was thus that military became entrapped in a helpless tautology. Empowered only with Marconi wave radio, they were enamored with Tesla technology. Unable to achieve Tesla objectives, they have consistently been attempting the reproduction of his every demonstration; a succession which evidences their possessions of secretized assurances concerning the reality of his claims. These facts have not stopped military researchers from using the Tesla name in every project proposal of which this discussion has been primarily engaged. Neither has this inconsistent record prevented the droves of conspiratist writers from squeaking the Tesla name out with every mere mention of the terms “resonance”, “ELF”, “ray weapons”, each complete impostures based on incomplete knowledge. Nonetheless, this simple maxim sums up the quest of military engineers and researchers: Tesla is the rule. Tesla is the pattern. Well armed with this “Tesla Rule”, we can easily unravel and accurately assess each new and controversial military project which manages to reach the social eye. If we wish to know what the military is pursuing, we have only to compare their projects with the Tesla Biography. The rest is a pedantic process in identification.

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