The Orgone Energy Blanket – Part II

by Klark Kent, Orgone Researcher

Reprinted from the Journal of Borderland Research – Vol XLII, No 5, September-October 1986

wilhelmreich-sigWilhelm Reich stopped doing therapy. He stopped leading patients through childhood traumas so that they could experience their present lives more thoroughly. Reich stopped trying to help an endless succession of middle aged neurotics to get in touch with their feelings in order to feel pleasure and grief and sadness and even joy. No longer did his clients learn how to breathe in a chest/belly rhythm that restored the diaphragm to full function. Ended was the effort to make contact with the eyes while the subject would evade the essential by talking about emotions instead of feeling them.

Having trained a competent staff of medical doctors, headed by Ellsworth Baker MD, to carry on the therapeutic work called Orgone Therapy; Reich decided to press on with his discoveries. Reich’s discovery was of the Life Energy. Reich discovered “the force” – the mass free energy that is the substrate of all existence. The extensive medical therapy practice that had been built up in New York City was to be the meat and potatoes to a large group of young doctors of the College of Orgonomy. On the West coast, out in California, a spontaneous growth of “neo-Reichian” therapy was to provide the tofu and salad to any number of therapeutic entrepreneurs who felt themselves competent to handle groups of new age seekers who were eager to strip down and get on the mattress for some of this “Reichian therapy.”

Reich abandoned the lucrative therapy practice because doing therapy is a hopelessly inefficient way to solve the problem of repression of the Life Force within members of society. Reich had developed a workable technique of restoring on an individual basis the free flow of life energy within the organism. To achieve the goal of an unarmored society, as was attempted in the Russian and German revolutions, (See the Mass Psychology of Fascism); Reich observed that to achieve this goal of an unarmored society would take at least one full generation. In a treatise, “The Biological Miscalculation in Human Struggle for Freedom”, published in The International Journal of Sex-Economy and Orgone Research, Orgone Institute Press, NY, 1943 – In this important paper Reich spells it out: once children are born and brought up in our typical Judeo/Christian culture with emphasis on original sin and the shamefulness of natural bodily functions, then there is “no chance” of restoring that generation to a natural life positive condition.

Exhaustive individual therapy may loosen the bonds of armoring for those with financial means and the leisure time to indulge in such new age pursuits, but for those who are not trust fund hippies, who must daily deal with the real world – our lot is is to be armored in the Reichian sense to the flowing Life Energy.

What is this Orgone Energy? In people, the living force may be felt as the tension and attraction between male and female.

Be careful not to confuse this primordial feeling with the disgusting secondary drives that are pandered to us by such movies as “Under the Cherry Moon”.

For the children of the future, the ones with bright faces, it is our duty to persist in solving the fundamental question: what is the origin and what is the purpose of this repression of human sexuality? We know that when a bull is made into a steer, then the cattle are easily led to the slaughter. When my ancestors in Northern Europe worshiped a living Nature and gloried in the strength of their bodies, then no force – even the might of Rome – was able to conquer them for long or subdue their spirit. When we fell prey to an Eastern, life negating religion from Palestine, then a 1000 year period of darkness, the “dark ages” swept over the land bringing fear, superstition and pestilence.

To change the conditions that produce the armoring process will be a longer job. We have lived under this unnatural and perverse system for 2000 years. A generation or more of people brought up with healthy values will be a start to living in accord with nature’s eternal religion. With repeated emotional shocks the edifice and mystical reverence for the Bible will be made moot. The older ones cannot change; the more rigid ones will not change – the children first will realize the essential simplicity of nature’s living presence.

In the atmosphere of our living planet, one can observe the wavy quivering of life energy above a ploughed field or over a body of water. This wavelike phenomenon, commonly called “heat waves” is not heat at all. Even in winter at high altitudes in the mountains is this flickering of the sky seen to move from West to East – regardless of wind direction. The pulsating energy that is called “heat waves” cannot be air – for air is invisible; even strong wind cannot be seen. On the tops of pine trees against the blueness of the sky can the atmospheric life energy be seen as a distinct sparkling and flickering in the sky.

“Static” electricity of the atmosphere and galvanic electricity from wires moving through a magnetic field may not be the same thing. The air is “full” of static electricity; yet the air is a good insulator of electricity. The living energy in the air: “It is somehow, no one knows how to this day, the source of all electrical and magnetic energy” – W. Reich, The Orgone Energy Accumulator, p.15 Orgone Institute Press, Rangeley Maine, 1951.

Blue is the color of the living energy that is called the “ether” of classical physics. The deep blueness of the sky being the same blue seen in all observations of this energy: the blueness of the ocean or deep lakes; the blue of a dark thunder cloud; the blue of living protoplasm; the blue fog-like vapors seen in a completely darkened room when the eyes have accustomed to the darkness.

We have mentioned several books by Wilhelm Reich about the Orgone Energy Accumulator. In these books, Reich talks about medical use of the Orgone Accumulator, the Orgone Blanket and other life energy charging devices. Reference is made to these historical publications for informational purposes only. IN NO WAY ARE THE BOOKS BY WILHELM REICH TO BE CONSIDERED LABELING OF THE ORGONE BLANKET! What this means is that no matter what any book by Wilhelm Reich may say, THE ORGONE ENERGY BLANKET FROM SUPER SCIENCE IS NOT FOR HEALING OR MEDICAL PURPOSES! There are two reasons for this: first, such medical use of the Orgone Blanket is definitely illegal; second, and more importantly – using the Orgone Blanket to cure disease may give someone false hope and prevent them from seeing their physician and getting proper medical attention for treatment of an injury or disease.

If not for medical or healing use, then what is the purpose of this life energy charging device? The three layer Orgone blanket (a component of the “force”) is for healthy organisms to experience the subjective feelings of a charge of this living energy.

There is a similarity in feeling and effect to the “Reichian” breathing session: a tingling in the limbs, a prickling sensation on the skin, a feeling of deep relaxation and a reddening of the face. The length of time for an experimental session with the Orgone Blanket varies from five to 30 minutes or more daily – this means regular use. A feeling of “lumination” will be felt with continued use. Bio-energetically stronger people need shorter exposure to the charging effect to feel the “glowing” sensations. Organisms with a weaker charge or more tightly armored will require a greater number of exposures to the irradiation of this life energy charging device before the subjective impressions are felt.

There is a self-regulation factor as to the length of time of Orgone irradiation. Symptoms of overcharge are: pressure in the head, feelings of anxiety and irritability, slight nausea, dizziness. When the organism has reached the overcharge level from using the Orgone Blanket, there is a tendency to kick the blanket away. It is better to have several shorter experimental sessions with this powerful life energy charging device than to use it for an hour or more. Sleeping under the Orgone Energy Blanket is not recommended because overcharge is sure to be the result.

The best way to experiment with this fascinating “component” of the force and Reich’s most famous invention is to use it on a regular, daily basis. The device is dependent upon the level and quality of energy in the atmosphere; a clear fresh blue sunny day having the best quality of charge of the living energy. There are conditions in our industrialized environment that are not good for using the Orgone Energy Blanket. Reich discovered and outlined these conditions in The Oranur Experiment. Basically with the advent of nuclear pollution of the Earth, the living energy has suffered as well.

The life energy charging devices, the Orgone Blankets, concentrate the pollution right along with the atmospheric energy. Reich called this radioactive dead life energy, “DOR”, meaning Deadly Orgone. DOR may be considered a waste product of the interaction of Orgone Energy and nuclear energy. In the next installment we will discuss the Oranur Experiment in detail; for now as it applies to using the Orgone Blanket – use the charging device on fresh relatively unpolluted days. For best results, follow the intuition that comes from a contact with the living energy in nature around us. Living near a nuclear power plant with its concentration of DOR may present problems with a powerful and sensitive device such as an Orgone Blanket. It is best to pay attention to the subjective feelings while using this device; essentially it is a self-regulating process. There are no authorities to tell us how to use the Orgone accumulators; Wilhelm Reich is dead – it is up to us to carry on this important work.

To sum it up on how to use the Orgone Energy Blanket for experimental purposes: use the blanket in relatively unpolluted weather (this may often be mornings before the rush hour traffic has had a chance to stink things up). Always air out the Orgone Accumulator Blanket immediately prior to each use. This may be done by hanging it out on the clothes line or over a tree limb. Use the device with plenty of ventilation – at least open the window if practical. Keep the Orgone Blanket away from sources of radioactivity such as television sets, computer monitors, fluorescent lights (!), X-Ray equipment and etc. Remember: the Orgone Blanket is always “on”; there is no switch to the device – once the organic and metallic layers are assembled, then the device begins to function.

Air out the blanket by shaking it vigorously; lie beneath the life energy charging device away from any televisions or fluorescent lights. The metal side faces the body. Wear as little clothing as practical with perhaps a light sheet next to the metal (not required); be sure to breathe freely while using this life energy charging device…

orgone blanket pt2 pix 2 - Orgonotic T(0)-T temperature experiment - Orgone Energy Wilhelm ReichThere are two experiments that can give an objective measurement of the Orgone Energy. The first is the temperature experiment, T0 – T. This involves a one cubic foot Orgone Accumulator in the shape of a box. The three layer accumulator is made from Cellotex insulation board (organic material) and galvanized sheet iron (metallic material). The control box is similar to the Orgone box but the control has no metal layers. A thermometer is placed in the top of each enclosed space. It is warmer inside the top of the Orgone Accumulator by a temperature difference (T0 – T) varying from .3 degrees C. to 1.5 degrees C.

The theory to explain this observation is:

“The Orgone freely oscillates within the inner metal walls of the orgone energy accumulator. It is repelled by the inner metal on all sides. This means stoppage of the kinetic energy of the orgone .. energy. Stoppage of kinetic energy manifests itself on the thermometer as increase of temperature. This heat can be felt at the palms, close to the inner, COLD metal walls.”

W.Reich, The Orgone Energy Accumulator, p.19; Orgone Institute Press, Rangeley, Maine 1951.

orgone-experimentBy a constant running of the T0 – T experiment, an ongoing monitor of the atmospheric level of charge may be maintained. By observing and recording the temperature difference every hour, a graph may be made of the level of life energy charge in the atmosphere. The greater the difference in temperature between the two boxes, the stronger is the local charge of the atmospheric life energy.

A correlation may be made to the weather conditions and the results of the T0 – T experiment. While running the experiment, keep a log of the weather; noting precipitation, humidity, temperature, pollution reports and cloud cover. Correlate the fresh blue sunny days with a larger difference in temperature. Note carefully the relationship to barometric pressure and what results are observed prior to a storm.

A second simple experiment is the seed germination experiment: two groups of alfalfa seeds are set up to sprout in two mason jars. For an exact experiment, count an equal number of seeds into each group from the same batch. Place one group of seeds in their mason jar inside the one cubic foot, three layer Orgone box;  place the other group in the control box without the metal layers. Sprout the seeds in a normal manner, changing and rinsing the water daily. Observe and record the results as to number of seeds sprouted, rate of growth, size of sprouts and even the taste of the sprouts.


In the next article “The Oranur Experiment” we will discuss further the social implications of Orgonomy (The natural science of the Life Energy). Also we will learn about the Oranur Experiment, an experiment that got out of control.. The Oranur Experiment, which attracted flying saucers to circle Reich’s laboratory…