Nuclear Weaponry and Nuclear Hybrids


Discussions concerning geopolitical models have been a most necessary part of our thesis. One cannot conceive of the forces and directives capable of stimulating all of the technology which has been developed since the military divorcement. From the days when military engaged Marconi and his Global Communications Company until today, we are witnessing an astounding proliferation of scientifically empowered thrusts whose whole aim and purpose it is to develop superior weaponry. The geopolitical arena into which these military and conventional systems have been deployed is the most critical part of our thesis, forming the tableau against which technology has defined impact The technological impact on the various oligarchic rulerships, the Houses which possess multinational clustres, cannot be properly appreciated. The technological revolution was one whose power is yet distrusted and hated among the oligarchs.

Why this attitude has suffused the rulership with definitive and malicious antitechnological policies has everything to do with the interference which technology introduces in the otherwise smooth exercise of oligarchic power. Technology introduces unexpected and destabilizing variables into the geopolitical theatrum. Technology is a hurricane force of unstoppable potentials, forcing the hand of power to bend and sway uncontrollable vectors. World order, however Old or New, is the unwitting slave of Technology. Once a technological manifestation appears, particularly if it is vision laden, the entire world is polarized. But technology is but the mere embodiment of a far more demonstrative power, one for which there can be no defense. The rulership too late realized this, when the sheer force of a new consciousness powerful pounced upon their otherwise isolated thresholds and brought them to their knees. How this revolutionary storm has thoroughly infused the working class is a study all its own, a first step toward comprehending the full weight of the Atomic Age.

This is a chapter which deals with Power and concentrations of Power in the world of actions. The development of the nuclear industry, and its subsequent perversion into weaponry, has provoked far more devastations throughout the world order than normally imagined. These devastations exist in realms of emotion, consciousness, perception, as well as in the various military-industrial arenas of the world. The release of nuclear energy was a demonstration of superior power on many different levels. Nuclear energy represented far more than a new energy potential. Indeed, the release of this energy has had defined impact on realms both scientific and social. Because of the unexpected emergence of this seemingly ultimate earthly force, we will see that the power of rulership was shifted back and forth between the very highest and the very lowest levels of earthly authority; this the result of technological developments alone. This chapter also introduces the several directions into which military technology moved from the Second World War, through the Cold War period, and into our present time frame. This chapter therefore introduces the divisions in technology which lead directly to HAARP and beyond.


Through a most mysterious and permeating influence, one which came like the roaring wind, working class consciousness was all too rapidly expanding into scientific directions. At about the middle of the Nineteenth Century, this far superior phenomenon of power manifested itself throughout the clustered nations of the Northern Hemisphere. Oligarchic rule could neither repel or resist its movements. It was a fiery baptism whose permeating blasts have long lingered among the impassioned working class. Futuristic dreams and visions flooded into their minds with such force that many did not sleep for days on end. When under the supernatural influence of these visitations, many could not or would not sleep until they had completed their designs.

The consciousness, so powerfully shared by the working masses, was one which first amplified consciousness. The thirst for knowledge and the subsequent creativity which emerged in new and revolutionary directions began impacting the traditional order with deadly force. Social movements of this revolutionary character, movements in mind, suddenly struck the stability of House Order and rocked its foundations across the world. Researching, building, devising, machining, the inventive thrust swept the nations with a lion-like ferocity. Here was an ordained directive whose power was indeed far superior to all others. Here was a directive to create, one whose social implications yet remain unfathomable. With sudden and uncalculated social leverages, the Sciences and Technologies very quickly destroyed the aristocratic mould whose deliberate and cruel tradition was never otherwise to change or move.

Diligent comparisons made between this period and all those previous in national archives reveal the extent of this social explosion. With its principle actors solely among the working class, the astounding and unforeseen emergence of a higher conscious state cultivated a new thematic thrust. Examination of the scholarly Periodicals and Patent Record proves that a remarkable social phenomenon took place shortly before 1850; where the volume of scientific research and inventions suddenly became magnified beyond all bounds. Working class inventors were in shops everywhere, responding to a flood of visionary energy so powerful that those who moved with its powerful surges could scarcely believe the achievements which so liberally poured out of their workshops. Here was a far superior consciousness on the loose, released in a social group which was never valued as other than a servant class.

The separations existing between caste levels, a fixture established by tradition, actually afforded the insulation necessary for the new consciousness to be cultivated and appreciated. Here also, and most curiously, was a permeating power which was not shared by the aristocrats. They seemed incapable of appropriating the new consciousness, however schooled or familiar they or their children became with scientific topic areas. Though available to all, Science and Technology had forever become a segregated gift, an implacable dividing line through which only certain sensitive working class individuals could move.

Science and Technology, the onetime trifling amusement of mercantile aristocrats, was never anticipated by the oligarchy as a potential threat to either their continued security or their power to rule absolutely. But inexplicably, certainly not by their decree, this new flood of consciousness and vision had been unleashed among the social masses. All too suddenly, new and significant tides breaking down the whole rigidified order and structure of the traditional rulership. So complete was this social reorganization that by the end of the last century, a working class revolution in science and technology permeated and dominated the traditional world order without mercy. The mind revolution raised diligent scholars like Michael Faraday and William Crookes from their working class homes into the halls of legend. Recall also that Tesla was working class.

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