Radar EMP and Ionoscatter Technology


When Guglielmo Marconi advanced the weak and failure-prone wave radio, he passed on a legacy of technological inferiority to the world. First to seize the method, without any objections or comparative standards, was the military. Military privatization of radio technology represents an event of major importance. This act of secretizanon permanently sealed the eyes and ears of engineers who would seek military employ as consultants and developers in the well funded laboratories. Money poured in from the ruling structure in an unremitting flood, as military agencies were permitted to engage industry with a free hand. So long as Intelligence overseers were permitted access to the laboratories and factories at any moment’s notice, military became for a while the “heir apparent” of the ruling structure, the favored child in bureaucratic halls.

Military were of course completely cooperative, exercising their ambitions with relatively no other constraints; a demonstration of the refocusing of power at a lower level than the oligarchic throne. This state of affairs, this internal warfare with a lower class consortium was to be a temporary concession. It was one predicated on the existence of hideous weaponry, on the existence of enemies who also possessed nuclear capabilities, and on a world revolution in working class consciousness over which rulership had absolutely no power. But the fixations of power, at lower than rulership stations, were not the only stubborn facts which this new technological world had to offer.

There were fixations of mind which, for working class intellect, formed a resolute and impervious wall of restraint. There were technologies which had been removed from the seas of social exchange which needed to be returned to their rightful owners before true and protective custody of the local geopolitical territories and regions could be secured. There were those technological means which Dr. Nikola Tesla had long championed, those systems which would have actually prevented the nuclear horror. Were they allowed their free and unrestricted flow among the working class devotees, nuclear weaponry would never have become the pressured raced which events had succeeded in producing; the now weaponry of military choice throughout the world. Geopolitical structures had become complex, claustrophobic, and fraught with the potential for complete and utter obliteration. The mere presence of nuclear awareness had been enough of a stimulant to drive the world beyond the once potent dictates of the rulership itself. This was a condition, unstable and precarious, not well favored.

Therefore monies would flow, power would flow, and all attentions would flow in directions downward. Waterfalls of power would continue flowing down into the social cataracts of the working class until a balancing solution had been found. Found by those whose meddling pursuits had succeed in rending power into their own hands. When once again the balance had been reached, a task which they would fulfill on behalf of threatened rule, then a new status quo would be enforced. Once the solution to nuclear horror had been secured and proliferated among those who shared its horrors, a world of unchanging perfection would once again be attained; one where rulership would again withdraw and withhold all power. A golden “new age” of isolation and social stagnation was anticipated before the new millennium, where perfect and utter control would at last be the reestablished and ruthless world norm. But this was not such an easy task, especially because the means for achieving those enunciated ends had already been shared with rulership well over a previous century.

The individual who had presented his technologies and unfettered wonders had been rejected. His work suppressed, he himself now deceased, there were few modern alternatives to the dilemma at hand. But now, rulership was constrained forever to consider these unworthy and power removing considerations. The revolution in consciousness had already revealed its permanent effect on rule by its very presence, one which would never be removed from the theatrum of rule again. The imbalancing element was not found in the technological accoutrements. These were but the solidified expressions of its energetic exercises. The unbalancing element was a thought frame, an active awareness, a conscious sea whose waves could not be controlled. And the removal of knowledge, another of its expressions, had resulted in a far greater tide of fright than even those which Tesla had enunciated. For it was obvious that the repression of Tesla and his Technology, now viewed as a blessing, was the direct cause of the inferior route through which a tsunami of nuclear weaponry had been generated. One could not rule the waves of this vast sea.

The Teslian secrets which could have prevented nuclear horror, the potential world annihilation, were not comprehended by the majority of those consumed with the consciousness of technology. Since before World War I, Marconi Wave Radio became the only available technology which military was willing to consider or pursue. We have already discussed the many convoluted prejudices which held Tesla and his technology in an antagonism of disfavor. We have seen how the extensive social favors, lavished on Marconi by the elite, found equal favor by the elitist military of the time period. Military came to devalue the findings of Tesla, while highly valuing Marconi. Aristocratic in its early expression, military cadets were the chosen of the most chosen families. Their predilections for aristocratic favor and pride would not prove to work in their best favor, nor in the interest of the world into which their children would come.

Their tutorial favor under Marconi, though couched as sincere surrender to his dictatorial sway, was actually a ploy to steal his secrets and form a military radio corps in which they were to be given first rank. When the smoke had cleared however, the well poised and smooth faced cadets, pedigrees of mercantile society, were neither equipped nor creative enough to produce a military radio corps of their own. The cadets had inherited one skill however, the knowledge of management They therefore spent the next 25 years, well into the vestibules of a Second World War, before substantial and reliable military radiowave systems had been developed. It had been commandeered by cadets, now grey and stooped. But it had been engineered by working class minds, eyes, hearts, and hands.