Though a difficult subject, it is proposed in this publication to demonstrate that matter is not an inert mass of atoms, but is capable of expressing qualities far beyond the realm into which we ordinarily confine it.

The reader should bear in mind, that the content of this book is derived from yearsof patient and careful scientific research work. It is not a hasty or sensational theory,but an intimate and conscientious study of matter. Many of the experiments describedwere carried out as long ago as 1927. Some have already been published, but they werethen considered from a different point of view. Primarily they were made with theaim of studying planetary influences, and were published under the title: “Das Silberund der Mond,” 1929 (Silver and the Moon. Experimental Studies of the Biological Institute at the Goetheanum, Stuttgart).[1] After 21 years of continuous study an attemptis now made to publish some of these experiments under the title “Spirit in Matter.” Throughout this time I have had many requests that these facts should be published,but again and again I have deferred doing this.

The experiments published here are purely scientific experiments, carried out withall the care of a true scientist who has a full sense of responsibility towards mankind.The various experiments should be shown in their original colours and the hope ofbeing able to achieve this one day, also made me hesitate to print. Now, having cometo the conclusion, that it will probably always be beyond the modest means at mydisposal, I have decided to publish even though it is in an inadequate manner.

Another reason has prompted me to write this book now: the publications of Dr. E. W. Barnes, the Bishop of Birmingham.

It seems that the time is now ripe, for a new knowledge of matter to come. WhenScience begins to infiltrate into religious life, and when Science comes into contactwith the Church in such a way, that it arouses opposition both inside and outside theChurch, it seems time to publish some hitherto unknown facts about matter.

A recently published review of Dr. Barnes’ book by H. Moynihan in a weeklypaper says —

Dr. Barnes has come a long way from the days of his Gorilla sermons, in his efforts to close the widening gap between Science and Religion. His theories would, in the words of the Bishop of Chelmsford, ‘strike a blue pencil through all the New Testament miracles.’Neither the Virgin Birth, nor the Reincarnation and Resurrection can be accepted if one believes, with him, that ‘nothing can happen contrary to observed sequences in the laws of nature.’

What remains? That is the issue which faces the Church—and, indeed the wholeChristian world. For the ripples of controversy which were started by Darwin’s stone arenow breaking upon the shore.

In H. Moynihan’s article we read:

“It was in 1929 that he (Dr. Barnes) announced:the time has come for a revolution in religious thought: and it is up to us parsons to erect the barricades.”

I think that the time has come for a revolution in scientific thought: and it is up to us scientists to remove the barricades.

In 1929, the same year in which Dr. Barnes spoke the words just quoted, I publisheda book “Silver and the Moon” containing 150 photographs of experiments with silver nitrate in which the fact was established that in a solution of silver nitrate the influenceof the Moon forces can be traced by means of capillary tests. The silver solution rises in filter paper and forms specific patterns, which vary according to the phases of the Moon. Since some of these experiments are used in the present publication I quotethe concluding sentences of the Introduction to “Silver and the Moon,” written at Easter 1929:

“Thus, contemplating the Moon, our way leads us on the one hand from the realm of the Gods, to the World of the Stars, and then gradually downwards to the planet Earth, the Realm of Matter. From the torch-bearing goddess Selene, who rides in her silver chariot above the clouds, from the ‘most admirable heavenly body’ who iskindly disposed towards men, we come to the old globe of inert, burnt out matter, whichrevolves lazily round the planet earth. On the other hand we come from the angelswho taught men the mysteries of the metals, down to silver looked upon as condensedMoon substance on earth, “Moon beams condensed as it were into silver ; and thento Luna commonly called silver, in the time when alchemy flourished, and finally tosilver — Ag, a chemical element.”

“Thus mankind stepped down from the realm of spirit into the world of matter;and now the time has come when the way must again be found from the realm of matterback into the spiritual world. Mankind must again wander through the world of thestars to the realms of Spiritual Beings, if it wishes to find the way to its origin.”

Since I said this in 1929, it will be understandable that I now venture to demonstrate that we can find Spirit in Matter. True Science will lead us to the acknowledgment ofspiritual facts. The unison of Science, Art and Religion must come in the near future. Scientists must arise who are at the same time endowed in their souls with the qualities of an artist and a priest. Science must again become a holy Art, if an unholy natural science is not to lead mankind to destruction.

Years ago Rudolf Steiner said prophetically to scientists: “One day there willbe Scientists who can show how Matter is arranged according to the will of Christ,and to whom the laboratory table will mean what the altar means to the priest.” Let us hope that these scientists will soon be born. Perhaps we can do something to prepare their way.

L. KOLISKO Easter 1948.

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